To Asia and Back…In 24 Hours

While the weekend started out like 95% of our weekends (game night with friends on Friday), the rest of the weekend was very unusual for us.

We actually went on a date.

I’ve blogged about this before, but it truly is rare that Randy and I actually go out for an evening. We typically stay in and/or have friends over (or are traveling). So after we went to the gym on Saturday, we decided to stick around the Porter Exchange in Cambridge and eat in one of the Japanese food stalls (for those unfamiliar with this area, this building has a bunch of tiny Asian restaurants in the space you’d normally find one chain restaurant…very similar to what I encountered in Kyoto a few years ago).

Randy had bimim bap (which is actually Korean) and I had lemon chicken katsu. Mine was quite tasty…with enormous portions (said chicken, brown rice, miso soup, steamed veggies, dumplings, and salad.

After dinner, we headed to Kendall Square to see “Up in the Air.” We both really enjoyed it, and it was impossible to watch a movie like that and not make comparisons to Randy. While George Clooney’s character had a lofty goal of reaching 10,000,000 frequent flyer miles on American Airlines, Randy is only shooting for 2,000,000 (which he will reach after his next business trip to Asia). And here I used to be impressed with my mere 325,906 miles.

Our yummy meals at the Porter Exchange made us both decide that we wanted to finally visit H-Mart so we decided to do that on Sunday. Now, H-Mart is an Asian grocery store chain with their local presence in Burlington, MA. But unlike Asian markets you find in Chinatown (which are tiny and cramped), H-Mart is like a warehouse-sized store (think WalMart or Target in size).

It has a foodcourt (all asian restaurants, obviously) and aisles upon aisles of foods you simply can’t find at Stop & Shop. They also have numerous free samples (I sampled some korean BBQ beef, some dried squid, and strawberry juice.

And we ran into our friend, Kana, while we were there. Small world.

Speaking of small worlds, this market is exactly 5 miles from our home (on the same road as our townhouse, in fact). Meanwhile, the Boston border is 4.4 miles away in the other direction. Essentially, we are equidistant to the city and to great outer-suburbia. I never thought I’d be so…rural.

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  1. Comment by Jeffrey on January 25, 2010 6:47 pm

    That’s funny, I never thought I’d be so…urban.

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