Northern Exposure, Eh?

Twenty-four hours from now Randy and I should (hopefully) already be in New Hampshire en route to Montreal. For the first time in years I’m going to be on his continent for Memorial Day weekend (although, technically I’ll still be in another country).

After going to Tokyo with Randy on one of his business trips back in 2006, Montreal was our first real vacation together. It was the week after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve and although spectacularly illuminated for the holiday season, the city was damn cold (with daily light snow). In fact, I’ve only been to Montreal once during the warmer months (in September, 1995). All of my future visits have been in the winter.

Until now.

The weather forecast keeps seeming to alternate between showers on Saturday or showers on Sunday, but this morning I looked and it appears the trip may be rain-free (though mostly cloudy for one or two days). Temperatures should also be reasonably good between 70-78 degrees.

I’m not sure what we’ll do. We’ve really not planned that far ahead. With it not being as cold, I’m guessing we can avoid the interior activities that I’ve tended to focus on during previous winter visits (musuems, underground city) and enjoy more of the neighborhoods. That tends to be my favorite part of travel – exploring the actual city. Then again, I’ve never been a huge museum person anyway. I’d rather see the world.

Oh, and speaking of worlds, particularly small worlds, I reconnected with an old friend this week. Strangely enough, his husband is an author and I just read this book last week. I’m not lying – the day after I finished the book, my old friend sent me an email (small world). He also lives down the street from us in Arlington (smaller world). Most amazing, he was friends with the former owners of our condo and has been there numerous times over the past years (smallest world). Seriously – what are the odds?

Oh, and he went to college at McGill University. And where is that? Montreal!

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