The Heat Is On

…in more ways than one. Not only is the heat and humidity in a depressing trend (upwards) but I’m also getting pressure to blog more.

I was hoping to wait to post again until I renamed and edited the photos from our trip to post in my online gallery, but popular demand (well, if two people qualifies me as popular) have requested that I blog.

So, here you go. This week has been a catch up week. My computer was infected with a virus last week (apparently associated with an e-greeting I got for my birthday). It took two days but it’s finally been removed.

My friend, Mark, arrives from Paris tonight and will be around through Monday. We’ve not got anything officially planned for him except for dinner on Sunday night. Otherwise, I’m leaving it up to him to decide what to do. It’s probably better that way. Otherwise, I’d bore him to death with things I find interesting…like ice cream and TV.

Oh, and even though I’ve not posted the pics to my online gallery yet, I was able to get them up on Facebook…so check out my 2010 Travel Album there. Otherwise, they should appear in the link (bottom right of this page) shortly.

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