I’ve Been to a Marvelous Party

My friend, Mark, arrived from Paris on Friday night so he was able to participate in our typical Ameican evening of ordering take-out food (wings, fries, onion rings) and card games. I think he was in heaven, despite the jetlag that began to kick in toward the end of the evening.

On Saturday we expected a depressed day of rain and clouds, but after a spectacular lightning storm over night (that woke all four of us up) the weather cleared up and by 11Am we were off to the DeCordova Sculpture Garden and Museum. Now, Mark tends to be more interested in history than art….especially modern art…but he was a true sport as we strolled the grounds and gardens. In fact, he’ll probably never admit it, but I think he even enjoyed it.

The weather was oppressively humid the whole time so we finished just in time to go to lunch in neighboring Concord, pick up his friend, Brink, at the subway station, then go back to the house and settle in for a barbecue (eating inside with the air-conditioning, of course).

On Sunday, the weather was a bit more bleak. We enjoyed a lazy morning of breakfast, cards, and conversation before getting some Chipotle for lunch. We then hopped in the car and did more uber-American things: went to a mall (Meadow Glen Mall), Home Depot, then Costco (I think Mark could move in to Coscto).

But while we were leaving one place for the other we got hit with an amazingly nasty storm. Trees were swaying and lightning was flashing nonstop. As we arrived at Home Depot I mentioned to Randy that there was an umbrella in the car. So, he dropped Mark and me off at the front door then he went to park the car. Not thinking, I grabbed the umbrella with me as I slipped out of the car (despite exiting the car within feet of a protective awning).

Poor Randy drove away to find a parking spot before Mark realized that I’d inadvertently taken the sole umbrella. D’oh!

I called Randy and told him to wait in the car until it lets up. Poor guy – I don’t know how he puts up with me.

Finally, last night we had all of Mark’s Boston-area based friends over for some chips and salsa, then we all headed out for dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s in Arlington. Mark loved the food, and the waitress, with her thick Boston accent, was a hoot. She was the perfect example of somebody Mark should see during his trip.

It was fun seeing everybody again (I knew all but one person). It’s also an impressive case of “Six Degrees of Separation” when we all reunite: Mark was friends with Ben and Brad who I worked with and  invited me to Paris with them in 2005, where I met Mark. I then introdued my friend, Jason, to Mark a year later. (Jason had already met Ben and Brad here in Boston when I brought him to their Christmas Party). Now, Jason has since married Bryan, who has met Mark during each of his three visits to Boston (and I was with Jason the day he met Bryan). Of course there is Randy, who met Mark through me. Oh, and Brett, who Randy and I met through Mark during his last visit to Boston, but have hung out with a few times since. Interestingly enough, Ben and Brad knew Brett because of their music work. And we can’t forget about Chris, Randy’s ex, who is living with us, but who also has met Mark during his last visit or two.

But put all of these folks in one room and a good time is all but guaranteed.

With so many connections in the Boston area I think that if he decides to move back to the states he should just settle on here.

Anyway, I’m not sure what Mark has got planned for the rest of his trip. I’m at work now but plan to meet him for lunch. After leaving work, I’m not sure what we’re doing. Tonight perhaps a bike ride along the Minuteman Bike Trail. He’s also on his own tomorrow while Randy and I work…so any activity suggestions are welcomed (no museums, though).


  1. Comment by Randy on June 9, 2010 11:10 pm

    boy your friends are lame, they never comment 🙂

  2. Comment by Melody on June 11, 2010 9:17 am

    Maybe if he wrote more than once a week he would get more comments. 🙂

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