Could Have Just Been a Day

A week and two days? Seriously? It’s been that long since I’ve posted? It truly does feel like I just blogged.

Anyway, Mrs. Randy’s visit was a complete success. During the day on Monday and Tuesday, instead of exploring the area, she decided to clean our house from top to bottom. I’ve never seen the sink look so shiny. Before you all yell, we didn’t ask her to do it…she just did it. I still can’t tell if it’s because she found our place offensively filthy, or whether she just enjoys cleaning. I’m hoing it’s the latter.

At night, we taught Mrs. Randy some poker games – which she really enjoyed. Like Randy, she possesses a healthy level of competetiveness.

Her husband, Ennis, arrived on Tuesday afternoon and we had a barbecue that night to welcome him. After work on Wednesday we brought them into Boston and went to the Christian Science Center (maparium and mother church), Top of the Hub (for drinks), Copley Square, New Old South Meething House, and dinner are Maggiano’s, near the Park Plaza.

But the real fun began the next day. We drove to the Cape where they were introduced to my parents. We chatted around the house before driving to Seafood Sam’s for lunch.  After a quick drive-through of my childhood village, Osterville (which would have been quicker if Randy didn’t make us stop to take pictures of the mansions or ocean) we drove on up to Provincetown – our final destination.

Mrs. Randy and Ennis fell in love with the place. We arrived just before some downpours (ugh). But they stopped just in time for the fireworks celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Pilgrim Monument. After that spectacle, we saw Miss Richfield 1981. Because it was the tail end of family week, and it rained, and there were fireworks 30 minutes before the show, it was damn near empty (I’d never seen it so empty…and apparently neither had Miss Richfield 1981).

As I’d hoped, Miss Richfield 1981 singled out Mrs. Randy and Ennis – ultimately pulling Mrs. Randy on stage. A great time was had by all.

The next day we brought them to Herring Cove Beach, then to dinner at the Patio, and finally to see Varla Jean Merman (a good show, but I still prefer MR 1981). Randy and I left them alone on Saturday and went to the beach by ourselves. We met back up in the afternoon, walked along Commercial Street for a while, then brought them to Highland (aka Cape Cod) Light, in Truro.

Ennis left the next morning (Sunday), and Mrs. Randy left on Monday afternoon. Then Randy up and left for a business trip to California.

Now, returning to the poker analogy, I’ve gone from a full-house (5 people) to a pair (just me and Chris). I love Mrs. Randy and Ennis, but I must admit it’s nice returning to a quiet house again. Now if only Randy would return.

OK, and so it’s not all just about my past week…can somebody please tell me what’s all the hoo-hah about the First Lady and one child going to Spain on vacation? Why isn’t she allowed to travel when she wants like any other person? Yeah, yeah, yeah – our tax money had to pay for security to travel along with her. But that’s only because we’ve elevated politicians to celebrity levels that NEED enormous 24/7 security coverage. I think they suffer a bigger threat from paparazzi than they do assasination (though they need protection from both).

Anyway, I just don’t understand why she shouldn’t be able to travel. If anybody told me I couldn’t travel, I’d be pissed. You can’t expect them to be cooped up in the White House 365 days/year.


  1. Comment by Jeffrey on August 12, 2010 4:20 pm

    I enjoyed meeting Mrs. Randy and Ennis, wish I could have seen them before they left but we were away for an extended weekend. Looks like you showed them a great time!

  2. Comment by Mark on August 14, 2010 7:28 am

    For some, the Michelle travel scandal is just a chance to lambaste the Obamas once again. Any excuse will do.

    On the other hand, appearances are everything in politics, and it’s more than a tad in bad taste for her to be living it up with her friends at a Spanish resort when the U.S. is going through such a prolonged and deep recession. Sure, she has the right to spend her own money, and I agree with your take on her need for the Secret Service. It doesn’t change the fact that her husband is the President and what his family does reflects on him (“what will the neighbors think” writ large, only in this case, the “neighbors” have a lot more power over them).

    It reminds me of Joan Crawford, who in a 1932 article called “Spend” (surely written by studio publicists!) she made it clear that, although the country was suffering through the Depression, she regarded spending as an almost sacred duty, saying “I, Joan Crawford, I believe in the Dollar. Everything I earn, I spend.”

    Not saying that Michelle has said anything like that. But her holiday does remind of it!

    It’s probably also a bit of payback from the Republicans on the Democrats’ obsession with the number of times Bush went to his ranch Crawford TX, when they made it sound like he was constantly on vacation, whereas any 21st-century plugged-in person knows that he was just the first Commander-in-Chief to telecommute…

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