What a Difference Four Days Make

Up until now, we’d been blessed with a rather sunny summer. Granted, July was hotter and more humid than I would have liked (resulting in an electric bill $80 more than normal), but generally we’ve had nearly non-stop sunshine all summer.

Which is why I rather welcomed some gloominess approaching on Saturday afternoon, and some light rain on Sunday. But as Monday, Tuesday, and now Wednesday have arrived with nearly identical weather, it makes my mind feel as if the entire summer has been a wash-out. It doesn’t help that this morning is the wettest we’ve had this week.

After four days, it all just seems so familiar…and permanent.

But those talking heads on the TV keep promising that the heavy rain will cease by midday, and that tomorrow ill be 80 and sunny. I’ll believe that when I see it.

In the meantime, my shoes are sitting on the HVAC vent trying to dry off, my khaki colored shorts are nearly transparent from the soaking I got during this morning’s commute, and my office is humid as hell because Harvard has gone all environmental on my ass and decided that if the temps to reach a certain level, they don’t provide cooling to sufficiently make my office comfortable. Consequently, my HVAC vents are blowing warm (WARM) air and my office is humid and miserable. I can’t open the windows for ventilation because I left them open last night after attempting to cool the space and I arrived to pools of water on the window sills and carpet surrounding the windows.

But life is good otherwise! We had an enjoyable weekend with friends, I’m nearly done with my final annual report, and I’ve realized that our flight to Helsinki is just over two weeks away!

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