It’s All About the Food

Yet I’ve neglected to take a single photograph of any of it.

On Sunday, our friend, Ben arrived for a business trip so we met up with him at his hotel (the Taj…beautiful room overlooking the Public Garden and skyline), then walked over to Davio’s for some grub.

Then I got together with a friend of mine on Wednesday night and headed to Pasha – a Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant in Arlington, before coming home and joining Randy for some games.

Now yesterday was Randy’s birthday so we got together with Ben again, along with his wife, Sandy, and walked to Tryst, also in Arlington. YUM – since it was Restaurant Week we got the three course meal, and mine was proscuitto de parma with peaches and arugula to start, chicken with fresh carrots, beans, and some sort of whole grain, then an AMAZING flourless chocolate torte with real mint chocolate chip ice cream (it tasted like ice creamed pulled from a garden…but without dirt).

But despite how tasty each meal was, I think I’m restauranted out.

And speaking of wishing to be out of something. I wish our country was out with Sarah Palin. Seriously, why does she seem to be sticking her nose into ever single issue (and non-issue). Most recently, she was complaining about how Alaska would never stand for a Republican like Scott Brown. Oh really? Well, then perhaps just as she is proud he’s not from her state, I would summise that 95% of Massachusetts is proud that she’s not from ours.

I mean, she’s complaining that he’s ignoring conservatives wishes. Well, last I heard, Massachusetts was not a conservative state. He ran more as a moderate Republican and whether we like him or not, he does seem to be voting fairly moderately. And that’s pretty much how Massachusetts would want him to vote. So, what she’s considering his “compromising” on issues, I would say is more him actually representing the state in a manner in which he believes the residents would like him to. That’s not compromising, that’s following your constituency.

By no means am I a Scott Brown fan, but I respect him for not always voting with his party.

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  1. Comment by Randy on August 27, 2010 1:07 pm

    IT does amaze me that you cant take pics of your nice dinners and post them on top of the regular blog posts.

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