Thanks for all the feeds


Dave Winer’s farewell feed, his last Thursday dinner meeting as
organizer of the Berkman blogging roundtable, was captured on what used
to be film
by Dan Bricklin — not only a fine programmer, but a fine
(and fast) photographer. 

(And I’m so glad I wore the Hawaiian shirt.)

Bloggercons I and II, the Thursday night sessions, and this growing
crimson community of weblogs are a fine legacy for Dave to leave behind as he
moves on to new adventures… providing not only RSS feeds, but plenty of food for thought for those of us trying to sort out the relationship of blogs to our lives or, in my case, to professional journalism.

Here’s one more try:

Journalism at its best can give you a snapshot of accurate facts,
thoughtful interpretations, with honesty, ethics and clarity. Blogs can do
all of that too — but their more personal (even emotional) nature can
be like another filter in front of the camera lens. Before the burglar
got my Leica, I remember having a set of filters — some added color or
removed color — but some just cut through UV and haze.

Dave, for one, has the brass to take a more personal and emotional
risks with his blogs than many folks carrying the reporter’s notebook.
His writing and the things he links to pass through a filter that is
personal, colorful and opinionated. That risk-taking is rarely my style, but I’m glad it’s his, and that he lets us all watch and learn.

Blogging at its best can do what journalism does… but I’ve learned in the past year that with those
personal filters — and an occassional Thursday night out — it also
can find you new friends.

There has been a sincere
“Thanks, Dave” in the right margin of this blog since the beginning,
but I think it’s worth repeating it here — appropriately using the “edit this page” space Dave created for us and swiping the headline for this item from Jessica, who I hope gets to help keep the Harvard blog sessions going.

Thanks for all the feeds …

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  1. j

    June 25, 2004 @ 10:11 pm


    For the record, I got the “Thanks for all the feeds” line from Andrew Grumet.