Hemenway Feedback Responses

Last semester, HLS Student Government asked for your feedback about Hemenway Gym.  After meeting with gym management, here are the responses and solutions we reached to address your concerns.

Clearer schedules on website: Hemenway website will be updated to include clearer schedules and old version of Hemenway website will be taken down ASAP.  To access website go to: http://recreation.gocrimson.com/recreation/facilities/Hemenway or through the main Harvard athletics page under “Facilities”.

Extend Hemenway Hours on Weekends, Holidays: The schedule for this year has been set, however, this input will be taken into consideration and hopefully be reflected in the schedule by fall 2010.

Maintain TV’s and Cable: By Friday, Feb. 19, all TVs should be back up to 80 channels through installation of new cable boxes.

Computer in Entrance Available to Law Students: The Dean of Students Office will initiate talks with FAS to see if the kiosk can be open to law students.  If that is not possible, a separate kiosk will be explored to be open to all students.

More spin and weekend classes: Spin classes have been added for the weekends for the winter months.

Better Cardio Sign-Ups: Capacity is a big issue here, however, alternative ways of signing up will be explored as well as better enforcement of not allowing students to sign-up until 2 hours prior to working out.


Jump Ropes: Available downstairs

Wrist and Abdominal Straps: Available, ask front desk

Scales: Will be calibrated frequently

Wrestling mats, Heavy bags, Thai pads: Space issue, are available through club sports/at MAC

Olympic Lifts: Safety concern has stopped recreation facilities from having Olympic lifts.  However, athletics management will look into waiver system to do Olympic lifts in varsity gym.

Music: Frequency has caused music to dwindle at times.  Management will make sure music is consistently loud.

Electric Shocks through Headphones: Management will check each headphone jack consistently and replace those that have electric shocks.  Please report those that have shocks in comment card or to front desk.

Questions and comments: Please contact baune@jd10.law.harvard.edu or alwu@jd11.law.harvard.edu and we’ll take your thoughts to Hemenway at our next meeting.

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