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Hemenway Feedback Responses


Last semester, HLS Student Government asked for your feedback about Hemenway Gym.  After meeting with gym management, here are the responses and solutions we reached to address your concerns.

Clearer schedules on website: Hemenway website will be updated to include clearer schedules and old version of Hemenway website will be taken down ASAP.  To access website go to: http://recreation.gocrimson.com/recreation/facilities/Hemenway or through the main Harvard athletics page under “Facilities”.

Extend Hemenway Hours on Weekends, Holidays: The schedule for this year has been set, however, this input will be taken into consideration and hopefully be reflected in the schedule by fall 2010.

Maintain TV’s and Cable: By Friday, Feb. 19, all TVs should be back up to 80 channels through installation of new cable boxes.

Computer in Entrance Available to Law Students: The Dean of Students Office will initiate talks with FAS to see if the kiosk can be open to law students.  If that is not possible, a separate kiosk will be explored to be open to all students.

More spin and weekend classes: Spin classes have been added for the weekends for the winter months.

Better Cardio Sign-Ups: Capacity is a big issue here, however, alternative ways of signing up will be explored as well as better enforcement of not allowing students to sign-up until 2 hours prior to working out.


Jump Ropes: Available downstairs

Wrist and Abdominal Straps: Available, ask front desk

Scales: Will be calibrated frequently

Wrestling mats, Heavy bags, Thai pads: Space issue, are available through club sports/at MAC

Olympic Lifts: Safety concern has stopped recreation facilities from having Olympic lifts.  However, athletics management will look into waiver system to do Olympic lifts in varsity gym.

Music: Frequency has caused music to dwindle at times.  Management will make sure music is consistently loud.

Electric Shocks through Headphones: Management will check each headphone jack consistently and replace those that have electric shocks.  Please report those that have shocks in comment card or to front desk.

Questions and comments: Please contact baune@jd10.law.harvard.edu or alwu@jd11.law.harvard.edu and we’ll take your thoughts to Hemenway at our next meeting.

Hemenway Squash Online Reservation System


In partnership with the HLS Squash Club, we were able to work with Hemenway to get the reservation system online for Hemenway squash courts (http://www.supersaas.com/schedule/Hemenway_Squash/Squash).  The system has been up for a little while now.  How is it working for you?

Hemenway News Update


See below for some recent news from Hemenway and the Athletic Department. Also note the upcoming online reservation system for Hemenway squash courts, an initiative the Student Government is proud to have brought you in conjunction with the HLS Squash Club!


  • Blodgett Pool will be closed for recreational swim on  Saturday, October 24th. It will be open Sunday, October 25th from 12-6pm.
  • Please contact George at macmast@fas.harvard.edu with any questions.
  • The Murr Center will be closed on Saturday, October 24th for the home football game.
  • For current facility hours and special closings for October & November please go to http://recreation.gocrimson.com/recreation/hours
  • SQUASH RESERVATIONS: In the beginning of November we are implementing a new online reservation system for squash at Hemenway Gymnasium. Additional information about the new system will be available soon.


  • Fall Group Exercise Classes are now in session at the MAC and Hemenway Gymnasium. Both schedules are now available online at http://recreation.gocrimson.com/fitness/schedules
    • Please note the following dates when GX classes will not be held in November:

      • MAC: No classes Wednesday, 11/11 or Wednesday 11/25-Sunday 11/29.
      • HEMENWAY: No classes Wednesday, 11/11 or Thursday, 11/26-Sunday, 11/29.
      • HEMENWAY: On Wednesday, 11/25 only morning classes including 7:00 IC, 7:15am Mat Pilates & 8:30am Vinyasa Yoga will be held at Hemenway. All GX classes beginning after 11:00am are canceled.

  • Thriller Dance Workshop: Have you always wanted to learn the famous dance moves from Michael Jackson’s Thriller Video?
    Join in the fun on Wednesday, October 28th in the MAC Mezzanine from 4:30-5:25pm.  Please register at the front desk of the MAC or Hemenway  by Wednesday, October 28th. Space is limited so sign up early! There is a $5.00 registration fee per person. Please contact Cristina Hoff at hemfit@fas.harvard.edu with any additional questions.
  • Strength Training Orientations: Looking for an efficient workout? Sign up for a Strength Training Orientation! A Personal Trainer will lead each 45-minute group session will teach you how to use the weight machines in the express circuit, along with basic use of cardio machines. Each participant will receive a strength worksheet. There is a $5.00 fee for the orientation and pre-registration is required. Sign up at the front desk at least 24 hours in advance. Orientations with less than 3 participants enrolled with be canceled due to low enrollment.
  • Upcoming Strength Training Orientations at Hemenway
  • Wednesday, November 4th: 12:00-12:45pm
  • Tuesday, Novembr 10th 5:30-6:15pm
    Please contact Kerry Smith at ptrainer@fas.harvard.edu with any questions.
    Upcoming Strength Training Orientations at the MAC
  • Wednesday, November 4th 5:00-5:45pm
  • Tuesday, November 10th 12:30-1:15pm
  • Please contact Kate Doherty at fitness@fas.harvard.edu with any questions.

Your Student Government At Work


A quick look at our recent accomplishments:

  • Student Government Pub Nights: very popular weekly happy hours for students, with free beer and wine (starting this year on Thursday, Oct. 1!)
  • Faculty-Student Lunch Program: every year, we arrange for students to have free lunches with distinguished HLS professors.
  • Organize and distribute Unofficial Course Evaluations each semester.
  • Solicited, collected, and presented student feedback regarding the grade change to Dean Kagan.
  • Solicited, collected, and presented student feedback regarding the switch to the Early Interview Program to Office of Career Services.
  • Formed and headed a student committee to meet with President Faust on the new dean search.
  • Changed news@law in order to allow students to plan their weeks more conveniently.
  • Convinced administration to buy toasters for the 2008-2009 free Monday morning bagel breakfasts.
  • Obtained Splenda, strawberry cream cheese, and Heinz ketchup in the Hark.
  • Worked with Restaurant Associates to respond to vegetarian students’ needs, including increased quantity of vegetarian sushi and better vegetarian labeling.
  • Increased quantity of sweat towels at the Hemenway gym.
  • Successfully advocated to see the Hark re-open from 2:30-5:00 to serve students’ needs in 2009.
  • Distributed bags filled with candy and faculty advice to the 1Ls when they received their grades.
  • Created a database of 3Ls willing to give 2Ls advice on applying to law firms.
  • Dodgeball tournament (co-sponsored with HL Central and the intramural sports).
  • Approved of many new students groups in 2008-2009.

Student Government Issues Mid-Year Report


Today we emailed our mid-year report to all HLS students (if you didn’t get one, let us know). The report outlines what we did this semester and what we plan to do next semester. But, ultimately, your Student Government exists to serve you. So let us know how you think we’re doing and what we could do better!


Squash Court Update!


Hemenway removed the cardio equipment from the second squash court today, and I confirmed with the front desk that the second court should be set up for use as an actual squash court again later this week.  They said the rest of the existing squash policies (1 hour slots, 72 hour advance reservations) will remain in place.

Dean Cosgrove confirmed that they asked for the equipment to be removed so that the court could be returned to squash usage.  She said they will monitor the cardio equipment situation and depending on law student response, consider alternative options to increase law student usage in the future if necessary.  An official announcement from her office will be forthcoming.

Yay for the squash players!


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