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Gmail forwarding issue may be back – UPDATE


UPDATE:  According to IT the issue should be resolved with Google.  Email delays are thought to have been resolved going forward, but you should be aware of potentially lost emails that you sent or expected to receive from Friday afternoon to Sunday, 12:43 pm.

From HLS IT, spread the word:

HLS IT has learned that Google (Gmail) is blocking email messages sent from HLS sponsored student email accounts.  This affects students who forwarded their email from HLS to Gmail, or who send outgoing email from HLS to other Gmail recipients.

The issue appears to have been triggered as a protective measure against spam, which commonly involves large volumes of email from a single source.  HLS IT is working with Google to repair this issue.

HLS IT has chosen not to send a community wide email (which will just compound the issue) regarding this situation.  Please look for posts to this blog for an update.


Jason Fuller, Manager of Technology Support Services


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