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Education Pioneers Information Session


Education Pioneers Information Session

Friday, November 20th, 12pm

Pound 202

Please join Education Pioneers, a leading human capital organization, for a presentation on its Summer Fellowship Program on Friday, November 20th at 12:00pm.  The Education Pioneers Fellows Program is a paid, full-time, ten-week summer program where talented graduate students in business, education, law, policy, and other disciplines (“Fellows”) work at effective schools, districts, charter organizations and Foundations (“Partners”) in order to support a mission critical scope of work.  In addition to working full-time, Education Pioneers provides a unique cohort experience that is a series of professional development sessions focusing on current education reform topics, with numerous networking opportunities, and access to an extremely talented pool of fellow graduate students who share a common passion for change.

During the presentation, Education Pioneers will give an overview of the organization, the program, and the application process. We look forward to seeing you there!  Pizza will be provided.

Opportunities are available in Boston, Chicago, DC Metro Area, Houston*, Los Angeles, New York City, and Bay Area – *Tentative 2010 Launch

Visit www.educationpioneers.org for more information and to apply online.  Please note their first application deadline is December 15th! Education Pioneers encourages applicants to apply online as soon as possible.

Your Student Government At Work


A quick look at our recent accomplishments:

  • Student Government Pub Nights: very popular weekly happy hours for students, with free beer and wine (starting this year on Thursday, Oct. 1!)
  • Faculty-Student Lunch Program: every year, we arrange for students to have free lunches with distinguished HLS professors.
  • Organize and distribute Unofficial Course Evaluations each semester.
  • Solicited, collected, and presented student feedback regarding the grade change to Dean Kagan.
  • Solicited, collected, and presented student feedback regarding the switch to the Early Interview Program to Office of Career Services.
  • Formed and headed a student committee to meet with President Faust on the new dean search.
  • Changed news@law in order to allow students to plan their weeks more conveniently.
  • Convinced administration to buy toasters for the 2008-2009 free Monday morning bagel breakfasts.
  • Obtained Splenda, strawberry cream cheese, and Heinz ketchup in the Hark.
  • Worked with Restaurant Associates to respond to vegetarian students’ needs, including increased quantity of vegetarian sushi and better vegetarian labeling.
  • Increased quantity of sweat towels at the Hemenway gym.
  • Successfully advocated to see the Hark re-open from 2:30-5:00 to serve students’ needs in 2009.
  • Distributed bags filled with candy and faculty advice to the 1Ls when they received their grades.
  • Created a database of 3Ls willing to give 2Ls advice on applying to law firms.
  • Dodgeball tournament (co-sponsored with HL Central and the intramural sports).
  • Approved of many new students groups in 2008-2009.

Staying with Friends or Family During Flyout Week? Sign up for L*STAR!



* Student Travel Accommodation Reimbursement

L-STAR is a fundraising initiative brought to you by OCS and the Student Public Interest Network (SPIN). If you stay with family or friends instead of in a hotel during a callback interview, firms will donate money to support public interest at Harvard Law; $165 for each unused hotel room and $35 for transportation to and from the airport. You can also participate by sharing a hotel room with a friend or significant other.

L-STAR benefits both firms and students. Law firms enjoy recognition for supporting public service and save money. Students take pride in making it possible for their classmates to provide legal services to those in need.


Why should I participate in L-STAR?
1) The money raised makes it possible for your fellow students to provide legal aid to non-profit and government agencies.
2) L-STAR gives law firms an opportunity to demonstrate support for Harvard Law students and public interest law.


What do I have to do? Sign up via our online form or fill out a paper copy at the OCS office or at our table in the Hark. Then just let your firm know you will not need a hotel room.

Do I have to ask about L-STAR when I schedule my interview or at the callback? Nope. Just decline hotel accommodations and submit an L-STAR form with your receipts for reimbursement. We’ll do the rest.

Does using L-STAR have a negative effect on my interview or prospects? NO! In fact, you are helping the firm save money during these tough economic times and improve their brand at the same time. Most firms participate – it allows them to demonstrate their commitment to public service. Keep in mind that hiring committees don’t care or know about travel arrangements and that most students don’t submit receipts until after receiving offers, so there’s plenty of time to wow the firm before submitting your form.

When must I decide to participate in L-STAR for a particular callback? At any point before you get that room key! Simply inform the firm that you won’t need accommodations during your visit.

What if I’m visiting more than one firm during one callback trip? Fill out a separate online form for each firm. Once you return, submit the short form we provide you with to each firm you interview with during that trip. The firms will take care of the rest.

After I return from my callback, how do I complete the L-STAR process? Return the form we provide you with to the firm with your expense log and the other part to the Office of Career Services.

How do I get more information? Check out the OCS website, visit us in the Hark or email us at lstar@law.harvard.edu.


Howell Jackson’s Town Hall Meeting


Today Howell Jackson, prospective interim acting Dean, hosted a town hall meeting with HLS students. Because some students were unable to, we wanted to fill you in on some highlights:

  • Faculty departures for DC: All courses this year were covered by HLS faculty or visitors. Next year’s curriculum will feature many great visiting professors (especially in environmental law), and there should be no significant effect from the faculty departures.
  • Curriculum in general: Along with picking classes this Spring, students will be able to fill out a poll about which courses they’d like to see offered. Some of those courses might be added by next year, but some certainly will be added by the year after.
  • OCI will be the week before school starts. Flyout week will be the week of September 14th. There may be events for 3Ls during that time, such as symposia on research opportunities or empirical methods classes. In addition, the school will celebrate Columbus Day, creating a small break later in the fall.
  • Financial crisis: HLS’s three priorities are “building a terrific faculty, having terrific teaching, and honoring financial aid commitments.” There may be cuts in other “not central” areas (but not coffee). In addition, the NW Corner project will proceed as planned. Furthermore, Harvard University is working with JP Morgan to ensure that all international students have access to loans similar to those that were suspended because of the financial crisis.
  • The search process for a permanent Dean, led by President Faust, has begun. She will likely reach out to students, staff, alumni, and even employers during the process.
  • 2L Mixed Transcripts: 2Ls will graduate with Latin honors, based on an averaging of their A/B/C and HP/P/LP grades. The algorithm for that weighting is not public, however.
  • Next year’s academic calendar has almost no time between Winter Term and Spring Term. On the other hand, synchronizing with the rest of the University allows for much better cross-registration opportunities. 
  • The “Programs of Study” are in beta-test mode now. They will become more significant in the future.
  • MyPlan will be fixed, but slowly.


Student Government Issues Mid-Year Report


Today we emailed our mid-year report to all HLS students (if you didn’t get one, let us know). The report outlines what we did this semester and what we plan to do next semester. But, ultimately, your Student Government exists to serve you. So let us know how you think we’re doing and what we could do better!


Early Interview Program in 2009? – UPDATE


Mark Weber, the Assistant Dean for Career Services, just sent an email announcing that HLS is considering moving OCS to an early interview program in August. Here is the memo: https://internal.law.harvard.edu/ocs/jdstudents/Adobe_Files/eipmemo.pdf

What do you think?


UPDATE – For better or worse, it is probably worth noting that, according to Above the Law, Yale is now considering the same move.   http://abovethelaw.com/2008/12/fall_recr…)


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