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Academic Programming: Feedback Wanted!


The Student Government executive board will be meeting with Vice Dean for Academic Programming Andy Kaufman and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Catherine Claypoole in the next couple of weeks. These are the people that have the most direct influence and information on curriculum here at HLS, and we’d love to provide them with as much student feedback as possible! What kind of curriculum questions, concerns, or feedback do you have for us to share with them?

Feedback can be posted here on the blog or emailed to  studentgov at law.harvard.edu. Thanks and we hope to hear from you!


Legal Food Frenzy Success!


As you may remember, HLS participated in the Legal Food Frenzy from March 1 -12.  We were competing with other law schools and firms in the Boston area to raise much needed funds and food supplies for the Greater Boston Food Bank.  Our main focus, aside from supporting a well deserving cause, was to make a strong stand against the other law schools in the competition.  Well, I am very proud to announce that we solidly trounced them!
Yesterday, in a cermony, HLS was recognized by the GBFB and the Massachusetts Attorney General for raising the largest amount of donations both in total and per capita of all participating law schools! The other schools participating were BU, New England, Northeaster, and Suffolk, and none of them came close to our totals.
For the record, here are some of the totals from HLS alone:
– 39 lbs. of actual food collected
– $5,422.38 in online donations
21,728 LBS. in total donations (every $1 collected represents 4 LBS. of food the GBRF is able to purchase)
– Approximately 16,714 meals will be served by HLS’ donation
– 11.44 LBS. raised per student
Additional congratulations must go out to Section 6 for winning the 1L Section competition by raising a little over $300.  They will receive a bagel and coffee or pizza celebration donated by the Dean of Students Office.  Section 3 should also be recognized for being a very close second.
Further congratulations go out to the HLS Urban Debate League, who won the student org competition by donating $371.  They will be receiving a Student Government Pub Night in their honor.  Be sure you come out to that Pub Night to celebrate their (and HLS’) achievement.
We also have to extend a hearty hand of gratitude to the large number of faculty and staff that made generous donations to this great cause and to helping HLS to make such a strong stand in this competition.
Finally, thank you and congratulations to all of you! We may have gotten off to a slow start, but in the end, HLS students showed exceptional support and generosity, and both the school and the community thank you.
Of course, now this means that the pressure is on to retain the title next year.  Good luck!
Congratulations and thank you again!

Introducing the Crimson Apothecary


Too cold to schlep to CVS? With help from HLS Reproductive Justice, Student Government and DOS have worked together and now one of the vending machines in the tunnel from Langdell to Griswold will have a row devoted to the new Crimson Apothecary. Available items include items like painkillers, bandages, and contraceptives. Stop by and check it out!


Post Graduate Student Funded Fellowship


This Fellowship aims not only to support our fellow students but also to build a greater sense of community on campus, especially during these difficult economic times. Consisting entirely of donations by HLS students, the Fellowship will be given to an applicant with a demonstrated dedication to public interest work and a specific project proposal who has been unable to finding funding elsewhere.

Just a $31 donation (or a dollar a day for a month) from each student on campus would raise enough money to support a law student in carrying out a public interest project for a year. This means so much more than simply funding the work of a fellow classmate—it means providing essential legal services to underrepresented communities and broadening the impact of our class and HLS on the greater community.

To donate and learn more:



Harvard Public Service on the Map


Exciting opportunity for Harvard students and alumni to connect through Public Service around the globe: with the launch of Harvard Public Service on the Map! In a year where the Harvard Graduate Council has been collaborating with President Faust, individual graduate schools, the Harvard Alumni Association, and partners throughout the University to promote and support public service initiatives at Harvard, HGC is excited by the potential of this social connectivity site to enable Harvard alumni and students to share resources, expertise, career advice, and opportunities related to their public service involvement.

Please visit http://onthemap.harvard.edu/ and register on the beta site. The initial registration only takes a few seconds and ensures you will be among the first notified when the site goes live in April. The site will only be as strong as the information entered into it by users.

Financial Services Committee


Just a reminder that the Financial Services Committee is always eager to hear feedback from students regarding their concerns for the financial aid office. If you have any issues regarding financial aid/loans policy, you can email the members of the committee, contact info below.

Michael Aktipis (3L): maktipis@law.harvard.edu

Pablo Ros (2L): pros@jd11.law.harvard.edu

Sean Hill (1L): shill@jd12.law.harvard.edu

Truman National Security Project


The Truman National Security Project is a national security leadership institute-the nation’s only organization that recruits, trains, and positions a new generation of progressives across America to lead on national security.

Our Mission is to provide the skills, knowledge, and network to create an influential force of leaders across the country who advance strong progressive national security policy.

Click here to hear from some of our Security Fellows, who are running for office around the country, advising presidential and Congressional campaigns, drafting legislation in the halls of Congress, assuming leadership posts in the military, playing key roles in local and national government, and working on the front lines of America’s homeland security.

Truman Security Fellowship

The Truman Security Fellowship is a highly competitive award for professionals ages 27-40 who show early promise to become our country’s future progressive leadership. The one-year Fellowship offers hands-on training in national security, communication, and politics; access to a powerful network of peers and leaders across the country; and opportunities to take part in communicating a strong internationalist security message.

Truman Security Fellows take part in monthly seminars in their home cities. These seminars deepen their security policy knowledge, and build skills to enable them to work together to affect change locally.  Fellows also enjoy experiential learning such as visits to military bases, emergency response centers, and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force headquarters; meetings with local politicians, and discussions with guest speakers and peers who are experts in the security field.

Twice a year, in June and January, Truman Security Fellows come to Washington, DC for high-level conferences with senior policy and political leaders. At these conferences, Fellows meet the national network of Fellows and build lifelong ties with their community of peers.  They engage in communication and media training from experts in the field.  They meet with top political leaders to deepen their understanding of how politics affects the national security debate.  And they engage in policy discussions and scenarios with leading national security experts to increase expertise.  Conferences also include hands-on, personalized visits to national security sites, such as Quantico Marine Academy.

Once a year, Fellows also participate in a Regional Training Weekend. The weekend allows them to delve deeply into the rich tradition of values on which the Truman Project is based.  We also deepen skills in areas such as communications, politics, and organizing-all geared toward creating change locally.

We seek exceptionally accomplished and dedicated men and women who share President Truman’s Belief in muscular internationalism, and who believe that strong national security and strong liberal values are not antagonistic, but are two sides of the same coin.

Please visit our website for further information about the Truman Project, and click here to apply for the Security Fellowship.

Important Dates

February 18:

Spring 2010 Application Process Opens

March 15:

Application Deadline for Spring 2010 Class of Security Fellows

June 11-13:

Annual Conference in Washington DC (Mandatory for New Fellows )

Truman National Security Project


Director of Security Fellowship: Melissa Skorka


New Academic Advising Page


We regularly hear from students that would like to have a more aggressive advising process here at HLS.  We worked with several members of the Administration to help come up with the new Academic Advising pages (http://www.law.harvard.edu/academics/curriculum/academic-advising-at-hls/index.html).  They don’t solve all of the advising concerns, but we think they are a good start.  What do you think?

News@law changes – what do you think?


We worked with the Communications office on the recent news@law changes.  The goal was to consolidate sources and get more info to students at one time, and in one place, by including Administrative Updates.  What do you think of the changes?

Interested in serving on the Harvard COOP Board?


Service on the Coop board offers students the opportunity to gain meaningful business experience and to interact with Harvard and MIT students, alumni and administrators who serve on the Coop Board. Complete election information is available on the Coop website at www.thecoop.com. Thanks!

Pearly Whites


Want a white smile? Looking for a holiday gift?

One of the Harvard dental student groups is selling discounted Oral-B Power Toothbrushes and Crest Whitestrips Professional! As this is a fundraiser, we were able to get very reduced prices from the company. SALE ENDS NOV. 24.

To purchase using Google checkout visit: http://www.oralhealthacrossnations.com/buy-toothbrush-or-whitestrips.html

1) Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 Power Toothbrush

Amazon price: $119.81

Our price: $67

One of the best models on the market, this toothbrush promotes healthy gums and removes plaque effectively. It comes with a wireless SmartGuide brushing timer and 5 different modes.

2) Crest Whitestrips Supreme Professional Whitening

MSRP: Not available in stores

Our price: $42

Unlike Whitestrips purchased in stores, the Crest Whitestrips Supremse is the professional strength system that can be purchased in dental offices – it has 80% more effective results.

SALE ENDS NOV. 24. Items will be available for pickup only from the Cambridge and Longwood areas in early Dec. We do not ship items. All items are for personal use only. RESALE IS PROHIBITED.

To purchase using Google checkout visit: http://www.oralhealthacrossnations.com/buy-toothbrush-or-whitestrips.html

Email info@oralhealthacrossnations.com with questions.

Apply for the Hauser Center for Nonprofits SAB


The Harvard Graduate Council received the following e-mail about the opportunity for all Harvard graduate students to apply to the Student Advisory Board of the Hauser Center for Nonprofits.

As this is a position that runs from January 2010-January 2011, students who will graduate in June 2010 are not eligible to apply (with the exception of students at HGSE in a one-year masters program who may serve from Jan thru June 2010). More info can be found below and also here: http://www.hks.harvard.edu/hauser/students/studentadvisorycommittee/index.html

Green Living Update


Living the Green Life
5 ways to make an environmental impact at HLS, from your Green Living Rep-at-Large:
  • Tone Your Backside! Langdell now offers double-sided printing, so select the double sided option (details here) before you print to save money and cut paper waste.
  • Watcha Gonna Do With All That Junk?  Recycle it! HLS has single-stream recycling, so toss all your paper, plastics #1-7, and cans into any recycling bin.  But don’t recycle styrofoam, plastic bags, or food.  Need more info?  Check here.
  • BYO Mug! Bring a reusable mug to get any hot drink at a reduced price from the Hark.
  • Compost Your Leftovers! Leave leftover food, napkins, tea bags, and wooden coffee stirrers on your plate at the Hark dish drop for easy composting.
Finally, please contact Myra Blake with any questions, concerns, or complaints at mblake@jd11.law.harvard.edu.
Thank you for keeping Harvard sustainable!

Academic Advising


We’ve heard from a lot of students lately that would like to see a different academic advising program in place here at HLS.  Obviously, this is an issue of great importance and the administration is willing to talk with us about it, but before we get too involved in the conversation, we’d first like to hear from you.  What would you like to see in an academic advising program at HLS?  What do you like about what is in place now?  Please leave your comments below, or if you’d like them to be more private, send an email to studentgov@law.harvard.edu.

Weekly Comment Box – Updated


NEW to Student Government (new! how exciting!): our weekly comment box. Of course you can always email us with concerns ( studentgov at law.harvard.edu) but if there’s little things around campus that need fixing but don’t need a whole email (aka: this bathroom door is busted, this printer isn’t working etc) feel free to quickly post it here, too, if it’s easier for you.

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