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News@law changes – what do you think?


We worked with the Communications office on the recent news@law changes.  The goal was to consolidate sources and get more info to students at one time, and in one place, by including Administrative Updates.  What do you think of the changes?

Harvard Law School Association Facebook Group


The Harvard Law School Association has set up a Facebook group! Current students are welcome and encouraged to join. Link is below:


Some things we are working on but haven’t resolved yet…


In response to your requests, here are some things we are working on, but haven’t yet been able to make happen.  Any input is welcome.

  • Duplex printing.  In an effort to make HLS more eco-friendly, we have been pushing to get all printers to be set to default to duplex printing.  The complication, aside from just communicating what this would entail to all students, is that not all printers currently have duplex capabilities and upgrading the printers in this economy is likely to be difficult.
  • Textbook requirements.  Right now there is no easy way to find out what books are required for your classes.  In most cases you have to physically go to the Coop to find out.  This should change.  The challenge is creating a technical system that can convey this info and/or getting faculty to consistently list this info in their course descriptions.
  • Administrative Updates.  We’re looking for a better way to get Administrative Updates to students.  Right now, to read the administrative updates you have to either check myHLS or subscribe to the RSS feed.  Neither is very hard, but it would be great if it was even easier.  The challenge is figuring out how to get this info to students without overwhelming and watering down the usefulness of things like news @ law.

That’s it for now.  But we’ll keep working to find more to work on for you.


Student Government Issues Mid-Year Report


Today we emailed our mid-year report to all HLS students (if you didn’t get one, let us know). The report outlines what we did this semester and what we plan to do next semester. But, ultimately, your Student Government exists to serve you. So let us know how you think we’re doing and what we could do better!


Welcome to Student Government Blog


Welcome to the new HLS Student Government blog. We’re very pleased you came to visit.

This blog will focus on the top issues being discussed by the HLS Student Government and also what we’re doing for you. We’ll keep you updated on new projects, on-going programs, and any news from the administration.

Stay tuned!

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