Variations on a Theme: Emptiness

Love came and emptied me of self,
Every vein and every pore,
Made into a container to be filled by the Beloved.
Of me, only a name is left,
The rest is You my Friend, my Beloved.

-Abu Sai’d Abu’l Khayr (trans. Vraje Abramian)

from Nobody Son of Nobody.  Hohm Press, 2001



Turn me inside out and empty me
Of everything I was, am, wished to be
Crack my stiff rib’s cage and let love free
All i want is yearning yearning
AlI drink is burning, burning


If my heart’s your throne
make my soul your clothes
If it means I’ll touch you
play dice with my bones


The dark light of your flashing eyes
Turns my midnight hair star-white
The lightning of your rapturous stare
Steals away my sense and sight
Your wine-warm voice poured in my ear
Melts my bones to milk and foam
Your fiery tongue laps up my soul
Out from my body’s spinning bowl



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