‘Attar – The Three Butterflies

Were all really three butterflies
In the world of love, we are a legend
The first came near the candle and said
“I have found the meaning of love”
The second fluttered its wing near the flame and said,
“I’ve been burned by the fire of love”
The third threw himself into the fire
Yes, yes, this is the meaning of love…



جملگی در حکم سه پروانه ایم
در جهان عاشقان افسانه ایم
اولی‌ خود را به شمع نزدیک کرد
گفت هان من یافتم معنای عشق
دومی‌ نزدیک شعله بال زد
گفت هان من سوختم در سوز عشق
سومی‌ خود داخل آتش فکند
 آری آری این بود معنای عشق



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