Rumi-Dancing Atoms


My translation:


Arise oh day! The atoms are dancing!
For him the spheres and wind are dancing
Souls ecstatic with joy are dancing
I’ll whisper in your ear where they are dancing
Each atom in the wind or desert
Is good-natured, like this, we are enchanted
Each atom, whether happy or sad
Is bewildered by the sun, happy without reason



ای روز برا که ذره ها رقص کنند
آن کس که از او چرخ و هوا رقص کنند
جانها ز خوشی بی سر و پا رقص کنند
در گوش تو گویم که کجا رقص کنند
هر ذره که در هوا یا در هامون است
نیکو نگرش که همچو ما مفتون است
هر ذره اگر خوش است اگر محذون است
سرگشته خورشید خوش بی چون است


3 thoughts on “Rumi-Dancing Atoms

  1. How about this version
    I tried for it to be more accurate :

    Oh day arise! for the atoms to dance.
    The one, for whom the spheres and the skies dance.
    Souls, which in ecstatic joy will dance,
    I’ll whisper in your ear where their dance is heading.
    Each atom, whether in the skies or on the ground,
    you shall look good upon, for like us, they are enchanted.
    Each atom, whether in state of joy or sorrow,
    is bewildered by the sun of causeless delight

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