Carminho-Silence is never empty

Nunca é silêncio vão


Silence is never empty
When it is between you and me.
Thinking about whatever may be
All I know is I feel love
When you’re silent with me

Here we are the two of us
Holding hands inside my car
You alway console me that way
Silent, next to me
Watching as I sweep sad things away

And though you might be able to explain
What happens in the heart
Truly everything comes from nothing,
In your silent glance
There is never an empty silence



Nunca é silencio vão
Esse que tenho contigo.
Pensando nós no que for
Só sei que sinto o amor
Quando te calas comigo.

E lá ficamos os dois
De mãos dadas no meu carro.
Consolas-me sempre assim
Calado junto de mim
Vendo as tristezas que varro.

E por mais que explique bem
O que vai no coração,
É do nada que vem tudo,
Nesse teu olhar tão mudo
Nunca há silencio vão.


translation and lyrics from:



Beg for Love.
Consider this burning, and those who
burn, as gifts from the Friend.
Nothing to learn.
Too much has already been said.
When you read a single page from
the silent book of your heart,
you will laugh at all this chattering,
all this pretentious learning.

-Abu Sai’d Abu’l Khayr


It speaks to me in the silence of this one
then through the words of that one speaking;


it whispers to me through an eyebrow raised
and the message of an eye winking.


And do you know what words it breathes into my ear? It says,


     “I am Love: in heaven and earth I have no place;
     I am the Wondrous Phoenix whose spoor cannot be traced.


     With eyebrow-bow and arrow-winks I hunt
     both worlds — and yet my weapons cannot be found.


     Like the sun I brighten each atom’s cheek;
     I cannot be pinpointed: I am too manifest.


     I speak with every tongue, listen with all ears,
     but marvel at this: My ears and tongue are erased.


     Since in all the world only I exist
     above and below, no likeness of me can be found.”


-Fakhr ad-Din Iraqi


Secretly we spoke,
     that wise one and me.
I said, Tell me the secrets of the world.
He said, Shh… Let silence
Tell you the secrets of the world.


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