Hafez on Laylat al-Qadr



Last night, at the moment of dawn, they saved me from sorrow
And in the darkness of night, they gave me the water of life
By the rays of the light of the Essence they made me selfless
They gave me wine from the cup of the radiance of the Attributes
What a blessed dawn it was, and what an auspicious night
That night of destiny, when they gave me a new fate
From now on, it’s just my face and the mirror, reflecting beauty
Since on that night they brought me news from the unveiling of the Essence
It’s no wonder that I achieved my desire and my heart became happy
I was a beggar, and they gave me this as alms
That day, the secret voice gave me the good news of this kingdom
that gave me patience and steadiness in the face of pain and suffering
All this honey and sugar which comes from my speech
is the reward of my patience in [the trials of love] that they gave me in the form of my Beloved (Shakh Nabat)
It was because of Hafez’s zeal and the breath of those who rise at dawn
that they saved me from the chains of the sorrows of fate



                دوش وقت سحر از غصه نجاتم دادند
واندر آن ظلمت شب آب حیاتم دادند
               بیخود از شعشعه پرتو ذاتم کردند
باده از جام تجلی صفاتم دادند
              چه مبارک سحری بود و چه فرخنده شبی
آن شب قدر که این تازه براتم دادند
               بعد از این روی من و آینه وصف جمال
که در آن جا خبر از جلوه ذاتم دادند
                من اگر کامروا گشتم و خوشدل چه عجب
مستحق بودم و این‌ها به زکاتم دادند
                 هاتف آن روز به من مژده این دولت داد
که بدان جور و جفا صبر و ثباتم دادند
                 این همه شهد و شکر کز سخنم می‌ریزد
اجر صبریست کز آن شاخ نباتم دادند
                 همت حافظ و انفاس سحرخیزان بود
که ز بند غم ایام نجاتم دادند


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