Bulleh Shah, if God were found…




Bulleh Shah


O beloved one:
If God were to be found by bathing and washing,
then God would be found by fish and frogs.

If God were to be found by roaming in jungle,
then God would be found by cows and buffaloes.

O Mian Bulleh
God is found by hearts righteous and pure.

You have read a thousand books
but have you read your ‘self’?

You rush to mosques and temples
in indecent haste,
have you tried to enter your Self?

You are enagged in
needless battle with Satan
have you ever fought with your nafs?

You have reached the sky
But have failed to reach
what’s in your heart!

Come to my abode, My friend
morning, noon and night!

Destroy the mosque,
destroy the temple
do as you please;
But do not break the human heart
for God dwells therein!

I search for You in jungle and wilderness
I have searched far and wide.
Do not torment me thus My Love
morning, noon and night!

Come to my abode, My Love
morning, noon and night!


morikuni_tachibana_water_buffalo koifish



Original (transliteration):

Je rab milda nahateya dhoteya,
te o milda dadduan machiyan noon.
Je rab milda jangal pahareyan,
te o milda gaiyaan bachiyan noon.
Je rab milda mandir – masiti,
te o milda cham chidikhiyan noon.
Ve Bulleya rab onhan noon milda..
Ati dil-eya achiyyan sachhiya noon.



5 thoughts on “Bulleh Shah, if God were found…

  1. The magnificent Bulleh Shah:

    Bulleh Shah zahr wekh ke peeta te kee peeta
    ‘ishq soch ke keeta te keeh keeta
    Dil de ke dil lain di aas rakhi
    Ve buleya pyaar eho jiha keeta te keeh keeta

    Bulleh Shah, what’s the point of taking poison, yet fearing its ingredients?
    What’s the point of falling in love, yet fearing its consequences?
    If you give your heart in the hope that your love may be returned
    What’s the point then, Bulleh Shah, of giving your heart at all?

    Read more: https://www.lyricsmint.com/coke-studio/jhalliya-javed-masooma-shahzad

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