Science is Here to Help Your Studying

With finals just around the corner, here are some science-based study tips.

Study When Sleepy:
It has been found that studying right before bed can help us remember the material better. During sleep, the brain strengthens new memories. This means there’s a higher chance of remembering what we just reviewed the next day.

The study can be read in fullĀ here.

Take a Break:

If you have a lot to study, break it up into small sections and take a break between sessions. This is called Spaced Repetition. When you see fellow students in the library reviewing notes and text books for hours upon end they are doing what’s called Binge and Purge. They binge study (like many of us binge watch episodes on Netflix) and they purge all the information they retained onto the exam. However, spaced repetition is a lot more effective. It can “increase knowledge by up to 50 percent, and strengthen retention for up to two years.” (Here).


Moving around and studying in different locations helps the brain form new associations with the same material.

Caffeine is Your Friend:

Many studies have found that caffeine keeps us alert, especially while studying. So hit up the local coffee shop while studying.


Good Luck!

– Taylor



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