IACP Tech Conference – May 22, 2018

CJPP executive director Brook Hopkins (Harvard Law School) and PTP board members Prof. Catherine Crump (UC Berkley School of Law) and Ronald Davis (Harvard Law School) will be presenting PTP’s work at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Tech Conference. The panel, The New Shiny Toy: Legal and Policy Implications for the Procurement of New Technologies by Police, will include a discussion of PTP’s research findings and upcoming publications.

PTP Roundtable – October 20, 2017

In October 2017, PTP held a roundtable policy discussion about policing technology with 24 national experts. Participants included local and state policymakers, law enforcement leaders, activists, academics, a technologist, and industry representatives with diverse backgrounds and a range of perspectives. The PTP plans to issue a white paper synthesizing the working papers and discussion generated at the Roundtable in Spring 2017. Following the roundtable, many of the participants have agreed to serve on an advisory board to help guide and shape PTP’s work in this area.

Support for the Roundtable was recommended by Justice Catalyst.