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Private Limo Transportation


I took heed of my friend Eric’s advice to try out the Uber taxi service. Uber is probably the most convenient ways to get around the city and all it requires is for you to download the app and upload basic information so you can get picked up. You have the option of choosing between a Lincoln Town Car or an SUV (accommodates up to 6 people). I chose the personal sedan for traveling around Philadelphia and the process was surprisingly efficient. No money exchanged hands, instead your card is automatically charged and fees include gratuity. Although my car wasn’t the cleanest (read: I have an extraordinarily sensitive OCD condition), my personal travels with Uber was quick and efficient. My only concern was that it seemed my driver did not really know his way around the city, and by that I mean that we were stuck in traffic several times which was an annoyance.

Uber was certainly a pleasant alternative to hailing a city cab and the best part is, you don’t have to call anyone. Apart from Uber, I also recommend Platinum Fleet for their private luxury limo services. During February of last year, I was unable to get a rental car (long story) and had to go with a local limo service. I enjoy the experience of relaxing in the backseat of a luxury car while being driven by a chauffeur. I believe I was chauffeured in a BMW 750Li and the extended legroom was a nice touch. Of course, this option is more expensive than a taxi, but this is an excellent limo service for corporate needs and business trips.

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