Extreme Couponing Tips


Couponing can be a tedious process and oftentimes requires a significant time investment. But to extreme couponers like my wife, the steady collection of coupons results in a nice saving on the weekly groceries. Over the past few years, I’ve come across some tips that may help you to shave off some valuable dollars off your monthly grocery bill.

Count Your Coupons

You should be prepared before you walk up to the checkout lane with your grocery cart filled to the brim. Even though it’s part of their job, cashiers typically don’t enjoy dealing with extreme couponers for numerous reasons. So when you’re done scanning all your coupons, take a quick glance a the store receipt to see how many coupons were actually scanned. If the cashier gives you a hard time over a coupon, simply thank them for their time and waltz on over to the customer service center.

Get Coupons From Different Sources

One of the most well known places to clip good coupons is from the Sunday newspaper. But don’t settle for just one newspaper. Instead, ask friends or coworkers to give you ad inserts or approach local businesses the following Monday for any unused papers. Scour eBay listings to find coupons from other newspaper publications that aren’t circulated in your local city. Checking eBay listings on a daily basis can be very fruitful for hard-to-find products, and they are quite inexpensive! Don’t forget about online coupon resources. You can find many exclusive coupon codes and printable grocery coupons┬áby checking a variety of coupon websites.

Putting expert couponing methods into a daily practice requires your time and attention. It’ll take some research to find the best deals for your favorite products, but once you see the savings you’ll feel good knowing you’ll never pay the retail price ever again!

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