Recognizing Scholarship: Braxton Yoeman Helping Communities and Families through Business Success


Braxton Yoeman

Education has always been an essential asset. Over the years, however, attaining higher education has become more expensive. This has been hard on students, especially those who come from low-income families, making it even more difficult for them to get ahead in life.

Very few can live up to the big claims you will hear nowadays, but when someone is the real deal, they deserve to be recognized.

Enter Braxton Yoeman, a trailblazer in his own right, and a nationally recognized business coach and consultant. He has set numerous record-breaking achievements both for himself and his clients. For years, Braxton Yoeman has catered to all types of entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals.

To share his success in the business coaching industry, working closely with a business consulting company Success Pros, Mr. Yoeman has launched his own scholarship program and aims to financially support those in need.

Although available to everyone on a case-by-case basis, the program is primarily aimed at veterans and military families. Braxton Yoeman’s goal is to take the financial pressure to those right on the edge of success – those who just need the extra push to walk into the next step of their lives, preparing them for greater success.

When asked to comment, Mr. Yoeman mentioned “Our soldiers and their families deserve everything and then some. There’s no way I’d be where I am right now in my life without them, or growing up in this country and the freedoms it has given me that so many people take for granted. Our scholarship program will not only help people financially, but my goal is to encourage the growth of creative individuals and those who take risk and protect those around them. It’s about paying it forward. Anyone that I choose to work with, I always encourage them to do the same, and to give back.”

While every family or individual has a unique financial situation, the financial gap usually needs to be filled either from money-saving efforts or by spending more time at work (almost always at the cost of spending less time with one’s family).

Braxton Yoeman believes that providing military families with access to education through its scholarship programs plays an important role in helping families realize their full potential, so they can reach their goals and dreams, together.

“I don’t believe you should spend more time away than you need to from your family. Success in business is for ‘living’ and not just ‘living to work’…. success does takes work, but it’s more important what you do with that success. You need to give back, enjoy your life, and take care of those closest to you. That’s really what I want people to understand here, and what my goal really is.”

Braxton Yoeman

Braxton Yoeman’s scholarship program has been recognized as a prestigious award, and is usually given on the basis of merit or need. The scholarship helps deserving students (no matter the age) to acquire training for their needs and to help both their business and their communities.

Since its launch, his scholarship program has already benefited several military families. Deserving students were able to get the education and training of their choice from well-established firms with long track records of results.

When asked to comment further, Mr. Braxton’s response was simple – “When I was told I’d be featured here… I was flattered and feel so fortunate to have the success in my life that I’ve built… but I also really want to take this opportunity and platform to raise awareness for the Fisher House Foundation (, as it’s another major charity that I fully support. Even for those who aren’t interested in business and might see this anyway, it’s such a great charity and they’re stand-up people. I’m not associated with them, but it’s my way to pay it forward.  I truly believe in what they’re doing and I want to raise awareness for them too. We need to take care of our own and those who helped make this country great, and if nothing else, I ask anyone to donate there if you can – every bit helps.”

Mr. Yoeman proudly supports the Fisher House Foundation, Inc. The non-profit organization was established in the early ‘90s and has since served more than 335,000 military families by providing them a home during medical treatment so they can stay together.

To learn more about the Fisher House Foundation, Inc., visit its website at To know more about Braxton Yoeman’s scholarship program and the range of coaching services, visit

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