Travelling is one of the major pleasures of life and each day it is becoming more and more affordable for all the people, including the tourists with lower salaries.


It is due to the globalization and the amount of companies that have been created around the world and compete on the international market. The huge number of companies that offer the same services and products force them to establish competitive prices trying to keep their position on the market and trying to get more customers. For this reason nowadays we are able to find, for example, train tickets, hotels, tours and many more from really low prices to more expensive ones, depending on our travelling preferences.

If you are planning to travel to Spain you should consider the idea of visiting the most important cities using the train.

This means of transport has many advantages and they go from a really comfortable journey to the lack of long queues and long security controls.

Choosing the train to visit the most popular Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante or Seville will ensure you to arrive to the train station only a few minutes before the journey starts, not like when you are travelling by plane and you have to stay at the airport almost two hours before. Also Spain has a high speed train called AVE that can bring to you from Barcelona to Madrid in only 2 hours and 30 minutes. You are able to find AVE tickets online from 25€, one of the cheapest and fastest choices you have if you want to visit both cities.

Another advantage you can find when you buy your train tickets Barcelona to Madrid is that the train station is nearer to the centre of the city than the airport; so arriving there is easier and also cheaper. And it happens too when you arrive to Madrid. Also this choice is better than using a car because you can avoid the traffic jams that normally take place around Madrid and you will not need to lose hours trying to park or to pay for it.

Moreover, with your train tickets Madrid to Barcelona you will be able to bring with you your own food and drinks, so you will not need to wait until you arrive to your destination to drink or eat. The trains have also bar and restaurant cars where you can buy any food or beverage if you want.

If you continue having doubts about how to travel, you should know that doing it by train you will be choosing a mode of transportation that is environmentally friendly since trains pollute far less than others means of transport.


Advantages of traveling through Spain by train

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