The amount of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt towards understanding Asperger’s Syndrome must be at an all time high. Thankfully, the media appears to have NOT taken this as an opportunity to fear monger and is actually attempting to disenchant the hysteria. Here are some headlines from today:

Don’t Stigmatize Asperger’s Syndrome in Wake of Newtown Massacre

No Link Between Asperger’s Syndrome And Violence, Experts Say

Asperger’s Unfairly Scapegoated For Newtown School Massacre

Asperger’s syndrome: What did disease mean for Newtown shooter Adam Lanza?

People With Autism May Sometimes Be Violent, But They Are Not Predators

Asperger’s Is a Red Herring to Explain the Newtown Massacre

Asperger’s Syndrome Shows No Potential Link to Ct. School Shooting

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