Earlier today I was at LAX airport catching my flight home and I noticed a family traveling with an autistic boy of about 12 years old. I suddenly found myself pondering why I can’t ever recall seeing an autistic child at the airport before, when it’s common to see them in so many other public settings. Then I realized just how difficult it could be at the airport in particular. Take the security checkpoint for example. Parents have enough trouble getting the child to put on all their clothes and shoes at home. Now try telling them to take off their jacket, belt, and shoes and put them on again 30 seconds later. This is a big enough hassle for the average adult. Now imagine the wide range of difficulties you could experience in flight, trying to please all passengers around you. How often do fellow passengers strike you as patient and understanding? To all such parents I commend your faith in your child and the public and wish you well in your travels.

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