Egypt, the land of the pharaohs

It is enough to list the names of Giza, Luxor, Karnak or Alexandria to desire to go to meet Egypt. Heir to the Pharaohs, Greeks, Romans, early Muslims and Copts, Egypt also offers the visitor the splendor of the desert and the shores of the Red Sea.

Destination Egypt

Egypt of the Pharaohs, Egypt of the desert or Egypt of the cities … there is something for all tastes.
Destination of holidays and discoveries par excellence, the inheritance of this country will not be able to amaze you. For thousands of years, each city has built its own character. A special atmosphere emerges from each of them. The bustling city of Cairo, day and night, calms down when you arrive at the edge of the prestigious and elegant Pyramids of Giza. Its mosques, its charming palaces and its fascinating museums will leave you with an unforgettable memory.
Beside the capital, Alexandria seems calm with its establishments that bear witness to its European past.

The desert of Sinai will leave some an indescribable impression as nature is resplendent. The Red Sea is full of jewels, do not hesitate to go for a walk in its depths.
The Pharaonic era will reveal to you its most precious secrets in Luxor. The ancient millennia temples of ancient Thebes, “city where every home is full of wealth” according to Homer, are beautifully preserved.
Further south, Aswan is an ideal place to rest and admire the tranquil Nile River Cruise. Simply magical!

In addition to these discoveries, Egypt is also a place where it is good to practice sports activities including diving. The Red Sea is one of the most extraordinary sites in the world for practicing this sport.
A last tip to follow: go to meet the Egyptians and discover their culture so rich. Very proud of their country (and they are right!), They will be delighted to make you discover their daily life as magical as the monuments of their ancestors.

A pharaonic treasure

The image that immediately comes to mind in evoking Egypt is that of the pyramids of Giza, the sphinxes and hieroglyphs, just as many monuments and culture belonging to the era of the Pharaohs and to visit absolutely.

Egypt also fascinates by the desert that covers a large part of its territory (the Arabian desert and the Sahara desert), as well as mythical places such as Sinai and St. Catherine Monastery.
However, the great treasure of Egypt remains the Nile, the nourishing river that was considered a god in the time of the Pharaohs. Today, it provides irrigation necessary for agricultural cultivation. Navigable, it allows you to make a beautiful ride or cruise felucca. It is this river that has ensured the prosperity of the country throughout the centuries, in the days of Ramses II, Cleopatra or Saladin.


Cairo is the largest city in Egypt and even in Africa. Plunge without hesitation into this world of diversity, noisy and dusty. This city will make you turn your head like a whirlwind.
The city of “thousand minarets” is discovered for example through the narrow streets of Islamic Cairo: at the sound of a thousand and one mosques, you will meet goats, camels and donkeys. This district is home to the Ibn-Touloun Mosque (9th century), one of the largest mosques in the world, Beit al-Souhaymi, a fine example of a traditional dwelling, and the citadel, an imposing medieval fortress that was the seat of power Egyptian for seven centuries.
At the Egyptian Museum you will find more than 120,000 pieces from almost every period of ancient Egyptian history.

Do not miss this magnificent museum, which holds some of the most fabulous antiquities in the world, the galleries of Tutankhamun, the royal mummies room, the rooms of the Old Kingdom, the pharaonic techniques …
It’s in Giza on the west bank of the Nile you will discover the Pyramids, works of art among the Seven Wonders of the World.
Despite the hordes of tourists who flock to it continuously, they are a unique sight. Nearby are the Sphinx and many temples and small pyramids.

Pyramids and temples

Pyramids of Giza

The pyramids of Gizeh are the most famous pyramids of Egypt (Giza is even one of the most famous places in the world: it is part of the world heritage since 1979) and are inseparable from this beautiful country.
It was under the Fourth Dynasty that this village on the west bank of the Nile became the royal necropolis of Menphis. To serve as a tomb for kings, the Egyptians erected three pyramids in less than a century: the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Mykerinos. These pyramids, unique in the world, are part of the Seven Wonders of the World. On this same plateau is the famous Sphinx and many temples and other small pyramids.
Also enjoy sound and light several times a day.

Pyramids of Saqqara

The oldest necropolis, Saqqara served as a burial place for many pharaohs. It is especially for the finesse of the bas-reliefs that decorate her tombs that she deserves a visit. The Fayum is a kind of Eden: its landscapes an enchantment. As far as the eye can see, it is only orange orchards, lemon trees, mango trees and guavas that scent the air with intoxicating scents.

Valley of Kings and Queens

The valley served as a royal necropolis welcoming pharaohs (Valley of Kings) and royal wives (Valley of Queens). The scale of the task we have undertaken is far beyond our reach: four centuries of hard work for the sole purpose of offering the members of the royal family a grave in the image of their power.

The Valley of the Kings is a collection of royal necropolises where the remains of the pharaohs’ dynasties were buried. There are 63 in this valley alone. However, you will be able to visit only a few, because of the national will to preserve these treasures come from time immemorial.
The Valley of the Queens is the place where rest the royal wives, the girls and sometimes the sons of certain kings. There are about 80, but only two or three are open to the public: the tomb of Khâemouaset, the tomb of Amenherkhepshef and that of de Tyti.

Luxor Temple

This temple is very similar to that of Karnak by the elegance of its statues and columns. Before arriving at the entrance, you must go through an avenue lined with two rows of Sphinx, the guardians of the lower world and the doors of the temple. This avenue previously connected the Luxor Temple to Karnak Temple located 2 km away.
The entrance is composed of the famous pylon, added by Ramses II, whose bas-reliefs represent the military exploits of the Pharaoh, especially during the Battle of Kadesh. Two colossal statues of Ramses II sitting right in front of the temple. An obelisk is planted alone, while his twin was offered to France in 1833 by Mohammed Ali. He now decorates the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

Temple of Karnak

Located 2 km north of the Luxor Temple, the Karnak Temple was one of the main religious centers of ancient times. It is now the second most visited site in Egypt after the Pyramids of Giseh.
The temple of Karnak is divided into three distinct parts, the Greeks called it Hermonthis. The largest of the three 30-hectare parts is the best preserved part of the temple because of the many restoration works that were carried out, this part is for the god Amon. The temple is so large that it could contain the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, and according to Leonard Cottrell, it represents half of Manhattan.

Temple of Philae

The island of Philae is off the Nile. If it is part of the high places of Egyptian tourism, it is for the temple of Isis that it is known. Note that most buildings on this island date back to the time of the first pharaohs.
The sound and light of Philae is one of the most beautiful in Egypt. Every night, the story of Isis and her husband, Osiris, betrayed by Seth, cut in pieces and then thrown to the fish of the Nile, is told under the astonished eyes of the spectators.

Abu Simbel

In the small village of Abu Simbel, 280 km from Aswan and only 40 km from the Sudan border, are the famous Temples of Abu Simbel. Even if they are of modest dimensions compared to the immense Pyramids of Giza, these two temples do not
Built by Ramses II in the heart of Nubia, they stand on the left bank of the Nile, the one reserved for the afterlife. These are not funerary temples but rather temples dedicated to the glory of the pharaoh.
With the construction of the High Dam in 1960, many sites were engulfed by rising waters including the Abu Simbel Temples. UNESCO decided to save these monuments by cutting the temple in 1042 blocks of stone and going up 45 m further backed by an artificial cliff. This rescue lasted three years and 3,000 people worked to restore them.


Erected on the site of Thebes, Luxor has a magnificent and beautifully preserved monumental architecture, which you can admire from a felucca by letting you slide along the Nile. or you can take a Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan It actually comprises three distinct sectors: the city of Luxor proper, the village of Karnak, and the monuments and necropolises of the ancient city of Thebes, on the west bank of the river. Since Greco-Roman times, visitors have flocked to the temples of Luxor, Karnak, Ramses II and Hatshepsut and the famous tombs of the Valley of the Kings. The temple of Luxor was built largely by Pharaoh Amenophis III on the site of a sanctuary dedicated to the Theban triad of Amon, Mut and Khonsu, and underwent various modifications during the reigns of Tutankhamun, Ramses II, ‘ Alexander the Great and various Roman emperors. The temples of Karnak for their part constitute a vast set of sanctuaries, kiosks, pylons and obelisks erected to the glory of the gods of Thebes; the site is 1.5 km long and 800 m wide – the size of ten cathedrals! Perfected, restored, remodeled, decorated during 1500 years, it was, at the height of Thebes, the most venerated place of all Egypt (Ipet-Isut, “the most perfect place”).


Alexander the Great chose this small fishing village to establish his new capital. The city once housed a gigantic library of 700,000 volumes; at its peak, it was a great center for scientific, philosophical and intellectual scholarship. Few things remain of this glorious past, but the Midan Ramla district retains traces of the cosmopolitan history of Alexandria from the early twentieth century: the Cecil Hotel, the Swiss Pharmacy, the Trianon …
At the Greco-Roman Museum you will see artifacts dating back to the 3rd century BC. AD, including a magnificent basalt sculpture of Apis, the sacred bull of the Egyptians, mummies, sarcophagi, tapestries … The Roman Amphitheater is unique in the country, was recently discovered, and the Catacombs of Kom ash-Shuqqafa are the largest Roman necropolis in Egypt known to date.

Sharm el Sheikh

Egypt may be the land of the sun, but its coastline also offers a captivating variety of water attractions to discover! Sharm el-Sheikh is the most fascinating site of the Red Sea where beaches and turquoise seas seem endless with their underwater blue-night depths. All around Sharm el Sheikh discover magnificent scuba diving spots, as well as many spa and thalassotherapy centers.


The southernmost city in Egypt has long been the port of entry to Africa, giving birth to a thriving trade on the caravan route. Formerly garrison city and border city, the Copts called it “Souan” (“trading”). The modern city lies on the eastern bank of the Nile, north of the first Cataract. The Nile is superb: you can contemplate the Corniche, beautiful avenue along the river. Elephantine Island, formerly Abu, was the place of worship of Khnum with ram’s head, creator of humanity and lord of the cataracts in charge of the waters of the Nile, his wife Satis and his daughter Anukis.

Other sites to explore: the two pretty Nubian villages on the east coast of the island, the mausoleum of the Aga Khan, 48th imam of the Islamic sect of Ismailis, the monastery of Saint-Simeon (Deir Amba Samaan), built in the 7th century and very well preserved. The famous Aswan dam, 2.5 km long, now surpassed by the Grand Dam, 6 km upstream, irreparably changed the topography of this region, cradle of the Nubian culture. The temple of Philae, submerged at the beginning of the century after the construction of the Aswan Dam (which was visited by canoe), was saved from the waters by Unesco in the late 1960s. Between 1972 and 1980, the ruins were dismounted stone by stone and transplanted 20 m higher on the neighboring island of Agilkia.


Sinai, a place of refuge, conflict and curiosity for millennia, is a region of unparalleled beauty. Under the pharaohs, his quarries contained enormous quantities of turquoise, gold and copper. The Hebrews would have crossed this “vast and terrible desert” in search of the Promised Land, and it was from the summit of Mount Sinai that Moses received from God the Ten Commandments.
Wedged between Africa and Asia, bordered on the north by the Mediterranean, on the west by the Suez Canal and on the east by the Red Sea, it offers a multitude of contrasts: arid and glowing mountains surrounded by plateaus deserts, palm-fringed shores, dunes and swamps, coral reefs.

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Egypt is one of the top destinations that everyone should visit in their lives at least once. If you’re in the middle of ancient history for an adventure, then Egypt is your place. But just won’t go on a short trip to the Land of Pyramids because there are so many places to visit and so many things to enjoy. Planning a 10-day trip is the best option and not living in the same place all the time. For example, spend a couple of days in Cairo enjoying the scenery, then take a short flight to Luxor and a Nile river cruise to finish your trip in the best way possible. But there are plenty of options, depending on what you want to mark off the list.



This is the spot for you if you want to immerse yourself in history. Temples, tombs and the famous Kings Valley are not to be missed:

Karnak Temple: a temple complex and probably the most amazing shrine in Luxor. This includes Amun’s Great Temple, Khons Temple, and Tuthmosis III Festival Temple. Both temples are massive and may make you feel like an ant during your visit. During the succession of many kings, the complex was constructed over time, making it even more impressive.

The Kings ‘ Valley: being the final resting place of kings from the 18th to 20th dynasties, the wall paintings are the most impressive of the tombs here. The walls are painted with scenes of the journeys, in line with the idea that dead men should float back through the underworld, along with Ra, the God of the Sun. Such pictures and texts are meant to serve as reminders for the dead.

Luxor Temple: it was built to worship Amun Ra, the God of the Kings and the King of the Gods at that time. Built during the reigns of Amenhotep III and Ramses II, it houses impressive statues of deities and kings, as many pharaohs and even a mosque built during the Islamic era underwent a lot of changes.


If you’re considering a trip on the Nile, make sure you’re visiting Aswan, a comfortable city extending across the river. It was once the location from which Egyptians sailed to Africa and that’s why the best way to get a view of the city is from a traditional sailing boat called felucca: Elephantine Island: the colorful picture-perfect houses make it Aswan’s main tourist attraction. Here you can find the Aswan Museum, the ruins of Abu (the oldest settlement in Aswan) and the island of Kitchener, which features plenty of exotic plants and gardens.

Nubian Museum: preserves the historical heritage of Nubia, with objects from the Kingdom of Kush, a statue of Ramses II and a collection of crafts from the ancient Nubians.

Philae Tempe: also known as the Temple of Isis, it was completely transferred by UNESCO from the Philae Island to the Agilika Island to save it from the rising waters of Lake Nasser.


Last but not least, if the world does, Cairo is an eclectic wonder. It’s no wonder that the Arabs call it The Mother of the World:

Giza Pyramids: comprising, among others, the Cheops Pyramid and the Chephren Pyramid, guarded by the famed Sphinx, the plateau also houses the Solar Boat Museum, showcasing a restored solar barque.

Al-Azhar Mosque: one of the oldest mosques in Egypt and also the oldest universities in the world. Today’s University is still considered the Islamic world’s center of theology.
Bab Zuweila: climb up to the top of one of the gates of Islamic Cairo for a stunning view of the district. This is the old town’s last standing gate and is near the Tentmakers Lane, where the bright fabric used for special ceremonies is sold.

10 of the Most Colourful Cities

There are many things that make places colourful. It can be the landscape, the buildings or hospitality of local people which will entice you to make a return. You might not understand that if you always maintain that your city is the most colourful in the world.

Wait until you discover new global destinations of cities with very colourful landscapes and you will want to explore. A good example is the following top ten most colourful cities where you can consider spending your next vacation.

Burano, Italy

This is an Italian city that sits on an island. The homes here are colourful and distinct such that none resembles the other. The painting is not done without a plan as it is systematic. It follows a certain pattern and even those who want to repaint their homes; the government has to be consulted first. It has the obligation of assigning the right colours to use for painting so that the pattern is not interfered with. That is how Burano has managed to maintain its colourful looks for all those decades. The colour schemes for this city are a bit complicated but it is all for the good.

Izamal, Mexico

This is a Mexican city with mostly imposing buildings whose ancient architectures turns it colourful. The warmth that this city comes with is automatic and that does not depend on the prevailing weather conditions. Churches are mostly made of limestone while streets are paved which is very rare with many cities around the world.

Basilica of San Antonio de Padua is the standout building of the city having been built in the 16th century and still stands strong in the 21st century.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This Brazilian city is one of the most colourful in the world and a suitable place to spend your vacation. It is all attributed to the country’s government which decided to redecorate slums within the city in 2010. They contracted two artistes from the Netherlands, namely Haas & Hahn, and their fantastic work has the city ranking top among the most colourful worldwide.

The walls have been painted in different colours and that has been a major attraction for tourists ever since. The city was one among the many that played host to the 2014 world cup hosted by Brazil and it helped improve its status in the eyes of the world.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina neighbours Brazil in South America and its capital city is among the most colourful in the world. Buenos Aires makes it to the top ten lists with the notable attraction being Caminito. A walk down to the place will subject your eyes to very attractive graffiti work carried out by local artistes. Most of the residents under the working category in this city live at a neighbourhood along the Riachuelo River. Houses there are constructed using scrap materials but its painting makes the whole area look attractive and modernized.

Havana, Cuba

Those who have been to Cuba agree that this city is one of the most colourful in the world and worthy visiting. The architecture speaks volumes about the city’s colourful nature complemented well by fervent music, quality colour selections and hospitable residents. It is one city where you will feel at home far from home.

The homes within the central part of the city have vaulted doorways that make them stand out easily from the rest. You will never fail to notice them anytime you visit Havana. The shrines have colourful paintings indoors and outdoors, adding to the colourful looks of the city.

Juzcar, Spain

When Spain is mentioned, Madrid and Barcelona are the notable cities that come to mind but Juzcar adds to the list. It is even more colourful than those two, but only that very few people know about it. The media has never exposed it adequately while explorers have always ignored it. Be informed that Juzcar is among the top colourful cities in the world where you can spend your vacation and still get value in return.

It was painted blue in 2011 in preparation for the first showing of a cartoon movie by Sony Pictures and that remains to date. You will have a different feel once you have arrived at this Spanish city with tourist numbers increasing every year since 2011.

Cape Town, South Africa

In South Africa, this is a colourful city which houses the Bo-Kaap Town that has some colourful homes. Most of the houses were painted with bright colours to celebrate the end of apartheid rule and it has always improved from year to year. As long as the apartheid feeling remains with locals, the city will equally maintain its colourful nature for ages to come. Muslims are the main immigrants at this city even though it is largely multicultural and associated with the working class.

Cinque Terre, Italy

This is also a city in Italy and one of the most colourful in the world. It is among the world heritage sites under UNESCO thanks to it brightly painted villages. This city opens its doors to many tourists every year and celebrities from around the world who are on the lookout for a cool place to relax. Furthermore, the villages sit on a steep landscape that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea for some fascinating views.

Jodhpur, India

This colourful city in India has for many years been an adorable destination of international tourists. It has temples, palaces and forts that are well complemented by blue skies and a fairly hot weather all year round. It will be a nice idea choosing to visit this city for your vacation next time out.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Morocco is an African country and it has a colourful city called Chefchaouen. The houses there are mainly white and blue in colour making it a colourful choice for any tourist in Africa. These houses trace their origin back to the Jewish era and their ancient architecture makes the city one to take a look at. Currently, tourists come all the way from Europe and other continents underlining its value.

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Most Beautiful Nature Spots in Switzerland

Switzerland is perhaps the country to visit in Europe in case you are looking for a scenic place to spend your holidays. It has many natural places that offer unrivalled satisfaction to tourists and you should be among those to experience that.

You will never fall short of getting the right nature spot to satisfy your thirst but only after you have done a wide consideration in the market. The country might be very popular for many other things but you must put tourism in the top list because it has equally a lot to offer on that front.

You should not complain with the following top 10 of the most beautiful nature spots in Switzerland for your consideration.


This natural mountain stands at 4,478 meters high and it has a triangular shape which leaves many visitors mesmerized. It stands out very well from other tourist attractions in Switzerland thus it will be very easy to notice it. The imposing size is one feature that makes the mountain very popular with tourists. Also, its isolation makes Matterhorn ideal for exploration. It’s a majestic nature spot where every tourist finds value and you should not be left out once in Switzerland.

Oeschinensee Lake

This has already been recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO and will be a good natural site for your visit in Switzerland. Its size is only around a kilometre in length but the value that tourists get from the place is incomparable to no other place. Its location overhead Kandersteg and perfect formation make it an ideal destination for any tourist in the country. You will enjoy viewing its turquoise waters while a climb will be tough but also worthy a challenge.

Rhine Falls

There are many waterfalls in Switzerland but this one is very special and a must-visit for you whenever in the country. It sits on a concrete platform and you will have a feeling of what it takes to be at a big and stunning waterfall. The falls measure 23 meters in high and 150 meters wide which qualify them to be among the biggest in the European continent. These falls have about 700,000 litres of water going over them every second. Take a boat ride and make your trip at this nature spot more enjoyable and memorable.

Lauterbrunnen Valley

This is a glacial valley occurring naturally and has been a key tourist attraction in Switzerland. It cuts through the Alps and does not even stretch for a kilometre, but it’s very popular with visitors. Its depth extends to about 3 kilometres with cliffs making up for the u-shape. There are a record 72 waterfalls that you will come across in this glacial valley with the most common ones being Trümmelbach Falls and Staubbach Falls.

Moiry Glacier

You must visit this nature spot in Switzerland to have maximum value for your tour. The icefall comes from a steep descending glacier that’s equal of the waterfall. It will be very interesting for you to view the icefall as it cascades down the mountain. The ideal time to visit this place is during summer and accessibility is very easy by bus. You will have no reason to avoid this nature spot once in Switzerland.

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Lake Lucerne

There are thousands of lakes that you can get to see in this country but Lucerne is a unique one. It occurs naturally and you can get to experience its beauty with a paddle-steamer. The bottlenecks found along this lake end up forming very steep cliffs that dip into the water with pointed peaks making up for the scenic background. This is one of the few places where your views get better as you go southwards. Make sure the lake is part of your itinerary and you will have a great experience that you will never forget.

Swiss National Park

This park has everything nature-oriented and covers an area of 170 square kilometres. There are hiking trails covering up to 80 kilometre’s while excursions and nature trails are also available in large numbers. You can take your family including children to this place because it is suitable for everyone. It is known to be the oldest in the Alps having been established in 1914 but its natural touch remains intact which includes creatures like lizards, marmots, northern hares, ibexes and even birds.

Seven Springs

This is the source where Simme River originates and you will have a great time there. There are many waterfalls that cascade over the rocks which makes it a worthy place visit. Something very interesting is that the source foams from a big wall made of limestone whilst melted water from a glacier can offer a great sightseeing opportunity. You might travel around the whole of Switzerland but never get to find a wonderful and natural attraction like this one.

Aare Gorge

You will definitely enjoy the power of water on display at this nature spot. Constant erosion by the neighbouring river has left this limestone rock highly exposed, with the section between Innertkirchen and Meiringen being the most dangerous to explore. It is very narrow and deep at 200 meters, but you can still go ahead to enjoy yourself if you are not fainthearted. There are safe tunnels and bridges constructed to make accessibility of this place easier for tourists. If you have your car, make good use of the parking lot that is situated right at the entrance of the gorge.

Basel Zoo

This is the place to see all the wild animals that you have always heard about from history books and media. It’s a nature spot in Switzerland that has more value that you will be looking for. There are many indigenous as well as exotic animals that inhabit this zoo since its opening in 1874. You will get to see among others crocodiles, rhinoceros, elephants and gorillas.

Most Popular Attractions in Egypt

Very few places in the world are as fascinating as Egypt. All thanks to a geographic location that has allowed the blossoming and development of one of the most interesting peoples of antiquity that has left much to the modern world.

Egypt is a vast country: its surface reaches one million square kilometers. However, 90% of the population is concentrated on the narrow strip of fertile land around the Nile. There are numerous tourist attractions in Egypt, which include:


For thousands of years, Cairo has been the heart of the life of the Egyptians. Despite being a bustling metropolis, crowded and full of traffic, it remains one of the most unique cities in Egypt: the crossroads of several civilizations and a meeting place for numerous ancient monuments, imposing buildings and magnificent mosques. Do not miss the great bazaar of Khan El Khalili, where, even if you do not purchase anything, you can see the streets and alleys full of shops and stalls, with their smells, colors and voices, creating a unique atmosphere. Then there is the Egyptian Museum, the largest in the world for the quality and quantity of archaeological finds.


The Giza Plateau provides people with an insight into the glorious days of ancient Egypt. You cannot go to Egypt and not be amazed by the beauty and majesty of the three pyramids of Khefren, Kheope and Menkaure and the lion-shaped Sphinx overlooking the landscape below. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the wonders of the ancient world and it still remains one of the most visited ancient structures in the world.


Luxor contains two splendid monuments dedicated to the god Amun, the father of all the gods. Even more surprising are the tombs of the pharaohs of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Dynasty in the Valley of the Kings and Colossi of Memnon, giant stone guarding the valley. The Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple on the East Bank of Luxor fascinate tourists with their grandeur and elegance. Apart from the above, there are many other ancient structures in Luxor which are worth visiting.


Before Aswan was known for its abundance of red granite that was used in the construction of the obelisks. Today this city is famous for the Aswan High Dam, which helps to control flood in the country. Other attractions in Aswan include the Nubian Museum, Unfinished Obelisk, Fatimid Cemetery, and Elephantine Island etc.

Abu Simbel

The village of Abu Simbel, contains the great temple complex which is considered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. After the construction of the Aswan Dam, the temples were moved to this village to save them from flooding. The Great Temple of Ramses and the Temple of Hathor are ancient structures that should not be missed, when touring Egypt. On the front of the Temple of Ramses, there are four colossal statues that represent him. Tourists can easily hire a taxi for travelling to Abu Simbel from the city of Aswan.

Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is the most famous seaside resort town on the Red Sea. It is ideal for those who want to spend some quiet time on the beach. Tourists can also enjoy various aquatic sport activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, diving, fishing, sailing and windsurfing in Sharm el Sheikh.

Monastery of St. Macarius

In the village of Wadi el-Natrun, lies the Monastery of St. Macarius. It is a very important religious center for Coptic Christians. The village of Wadi el-Natrunis situated almost halfway between Cairo and Alexandria. The monastery was established in the year 360 AD by St. Macarius the Great. Read More

Useful Information and Travel Tips When Visiting Egypt

Are you looking to visit Egypt which is situated at the northeast tip of Africa? Below we will provide you with some useful tips ranging from health recommendations to local customs to ensure a seamless trip.

What Vaccinations Are Needed For Egypt?

Consult your local doctor before embarking on a trip to Egypt to ensure you get all the crucial vaccinations you need. Generally, Rabies, Tetanus, Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Diphtheria vaccines are advised.

Is Tap Water in Egypt Safe to Drink?

It is safe to drink tap water in Egypt. However, it is highly treated with chlorine and may cause stomach upsets. If possible, we recommend avoiding drinking tap water in Egypt. Instead, use bottled water that is easily available in shops, restaurants and hotels at a cheap price. You can use tap water for showering and brushing your teeth, it poses no risks.

What’s The Food Like in Egypt?

Egyptian cuisine features tasty vegetables, fish and grilled meat which is alluring to most eaters. In order to reduce the chances of experiencing stomach aches, it is necessary to take some precautions. Due to the excess chlorine in the tap water, we recommend that you avoid salads except when they are offered at upmarket eateries, on cruise boats and in hotels. Also, make sure the food you eat is fresh. It should be hot to guarantee that it has been cooked well. Steer clear of food that appears a bit stale.

Can You Bargain in Egypt?

Negotiating over the prices of various items is very common in Egyptian markets and bazaars. Vendors display their items at inflated prices so it’s normal to bargain on the price before settling on the final price agreed upon. When shopping, have your maximum buying price but start negotiating at a much lower price and then gradually move the amount up.

What Items Can I Shop For in Egypt?

Egypt has a variety of precious items. Small bazaars and souks in towns are filled with strange and everyday objects but the breadth of selection is immense at Cairo’s Khan al-Khalili bazaar. Some of the top items you can purchase include: gold jewellery, brassware, shisha pipes, leather handbags, moccasins, Pharaonic objects formed using alabaster and marble, paintings on papyrus and Egyptian cotton sheets.

Cultural Expectations and Etiquette

Not only do women need to consider how to dress in Egypt but also men need to be covered up by wearing trousers and clothing that keeps their shoulders covered just as Egyptian men do. Wearing shorts is not acceptable except if you are at beach resorts. When touring a mosque, men and women need to wear clothes that completely cover their body with women expected to conceal their neck and head using a headscarf. Remember to leave your shoes at the entrance of the mosque.

Is Egypt a Suitable Family Holiday Destination?

Yes, definitely! There are a lot of historical sites such as temples, pyramids and tombs that will fascinate the young and old in equal measure. Historical artefacts display the ingenuity of past generations and will leave children mesmerized. In addition, Egypt offers other exciting adventures such as a Nile cruise and stay, and riding camels. Children will have a lot of fun!

What Is the Currency Used in Egypt?

The Egyptian Pound (LE) is the local currency which is broken up into 100 piastres. Denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 bank notes are used.

Are Things Expensive in Egypt?

Egypt is a pocket-friendly destination. In fact, in the year 2015, it came second as one of the most inexpensive countries for tourists based on taxes, purchasing power parity and hotel charges. With food and dining be ready to fork out approximately £8 for a cheap meal in a restaurant and around £24 for a three-course meal at an upmarket establishment.

What to consider when traveling to Egypt in 2019 and 2020

How to Travel to Egypt

Ancient Pyramids, the Nile River, The Library of Alexandria… If you are planning to travel to Egypt, you may be completely lost on what to do once you get there. It can be tricky creating an itinerary for a place you have never been to and only learned about in history books. But if Egypt has been on your bucket list, don’t pass up an opportunity to go out of intimidation! We will walk through some of the must-see historical attractions in Egypt. You will also learn about their brief histories in this article. Keep reading below! You will be an expert in great Egyptian marvels by the end.

1. The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and biggest of all the Giza Pyramid Complex. It is also one of the most important and notable places to visit in Egypt. This is understandable since it is one of the seven wonders of the world. A must see historical attraction and must do when planning any trip to Egypt. There is a rich history here as well as so much to explore. There are vendors here selling all types of things (watch out for high prices). But one of the best parts of these vendors’ possessions are the animals they have around the pyramid.

So many tours can be taken here. Some include a camel ride, some including lunch, and some will take you to see the Sound and Light Show at The Pyramids of Giza. But what they all have in common is the history the tour guides will relay to you about this mystical and incredible place. You even have the option of going into the pyramids to explore deeper. But this experience is not for the faint of heart, or claustrophobic.

From a historical standpoint, these are incredible to take in. Many questions will go through your mind like “how in the world did they have the technology to build these?”. Or “how much did they dedicate and sacrifice, and how much passion did they have to contain?”. Or “how did they create structures that are still standing today?”. The pyramids truly show the best of humanity when we collectively put our minds together. Be sure to read up on your history before visiting. This will cause you to have the best experience possible when you travel to Egypt.

2. Mount Sinai

Sinai means Mountain of God. So you can imagine the implications this location has for those who believe in or study the Old Testament. Mount Sinai is an important area for Jewish and Christian history. The Monastery of St. Catherine was constructed on the foot on this mountain over what is believed to be the location of the burning bush God spoke to Moses out of. It is still inhabited by monks today. Biblical characters such as Elijah, Moses, and much of the history of Judaism took place in this spot.

This is an important mountain for many Jewish and Christian pilgrims to trek to. For many tourists exploring Mount Sinai, Sunrise hikes are often taken. On this trek, you will climb the Steps of Repentance, which there are tales a monk created (all 3750 of them). The rest of the trek you can take by walking or by riding on a camel. You will pass Elisha’s cave and the Chapel of the Holy Trinity. This is talked about as the place where the tablets of stone were written on. When you reach the top, the views are incomparable and the journey will be proven well worth it. Make sure to do this when you travel to Egypt!

3. Abu Simbel Temples

Called the temples that moved, the Abu Simbel Temples relocated by the UNESCO in 1968 for fear of destruction by the flooding of Lake Nassar. When this took place, it became clear that the worth of history was of high importance and needed to be preserved. You can read all about how this was done in the visitor center. This was the temple of Ramses II, who you may have heard about in history books. Many visitors claim to call this a personal favorite in Egypt. Located on the banks of Lake Nasser, this temple was originally named the temple of Ramesses Meryamun. It was constructed in 13th century BC by the Pharao it was named after.

These temples are guarded by ginormous statues when you are entering, and there are plenty of hieroglyphics that reveal the story to go along with it. The temple is explained on the outside through pictures. Though it is a dive and requires an early wake-up call, once you visit you will see it was all worth it and worth the preservation that took place a few years ago. This temple complex is yet another historical attraction that will shock you. It will make you ask so many questions about the mystery of how it was built. Another great part of this temple is the smaller temple of Ramssess II queen, Queen Nefertari. This is a must-do for when you travel to Egypt.

4. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a research institute in the beloved Alexandria, Egypt. It is inspired by the Library of Alexandria, the most famous classic library. There is so much more to explore here than just a library. There is a focus on four things: Learning and understanding for the world. An untraditional institution in the age of technology. Egypt’s window into the world and vise-versa. There are 11 stories to explore here and over 8 million books. It has museums and reading rooms and lots of books and history.  It is not a bad idea to take a free guided tour through here. This will help you get the best understand of all this place offers.

For all book lovers, history lovers, learners, and beauty seekers, this is a must see place. The architecture is stunning from the outside in. In order to see all of it, it may take a full two days. This only makes sense considering it is the second largest library in the world! Because of the significance of The Great Library of Alexandria, the artifacts and manuscripts here are a thing you cannot leave Egypt without exploring. Since this library was recently constructed, this is a modern and updated institution. This is a reimagination of the ancient library that was burnt down in the third century. This library held the largest manuscript collection found anywhere in the world. You cannot miss this historical attraction as you travel to Europe.

5. The Nile River

The Nile River is the longest river in the world, and it is an absolute must see when you travel to Egypt. This river was important for the ancient Egyptians. Many of the must-see attractions on this list can be found near this river, so that is your proof of how centralized a location it was. For the ancient Egyptians, the overflow and flooding of the Nile created a mud that was the perfect soil for planting seeds and growing crops.

The ancient Egyptians would fish and catch birds near the water as well, so the river was a great life source for food. Another purpose of the river was to give them a trade route in order to transport and buy goods.  This river was such a life source and blessing to the ancient Egyptians that they believed it had it’s own god.

These are some of the ways you can see the Nile- both of which are on our list, so keep an eye out below! Through the City of Aswan, you can see the Nile River since this city is on the Eastern bank of the Nile. Our second place to see the Nile River is by visiting The Valley of the Kings which is located on the Western bank of the Nile and contains underground tombs, the largest complex of them to be exact. There is so much to see and do along the Nile, so make sure not to pass up the River that gave so much life and hope to the ancient Egyptians.

6. Red Sea Riviera

While we are talking about famous bodies of water in Egypt, let’s talk about the Red Sea Riviera. Here, right along the coastline of the famous Red Sea, there are plenty of places for a tourist to stay and explore. The beach resorts are one of a kind, and the shopping is more amazing than you can dream of at places like the Senzo Mall.

There are so many uniquely Egyptians things to enjoy when shopping, like picking up exotic spices to take home with you or getting hieroglyphics written on papyrus to remind you of your trip to Egypt. One of the things you will be close to if you stay at the Red Sea Riviera is the Luxor and The Valley if the Kings and Queens, which contain archeological gems to explore. It is amazing how many tourists come here on holidays to stay at a resort and enjoy this exotic and ancient place in a modern way.

There are so many other great things to see and do when you are here. One of them is visiting the Monastery of St Anthony, which you can explore on a tour. There is also the Marsa Alam which is an incredible place to enjoy water activities or the quiet town. Another amazing excursion is taking a horse or camel ride in Makadi Bay through sand dunes.  If you are traveling with kids, take a day and experience ​​Makadi Water World, which is the biggest water park in Egypt. There an equal amount of water slides for both the kids and the adults to enjoy! If you are looking to have a touristy trip and enjoy the sea activities and resorts, this is the place for you to go when you travel to Egypt.

7. Aswan, Egypt

Aswan Egypt

While we are talking about tourist places, let’s cover Aswan. There is so much to do in the ancient and historic town of Aswan. You can take a Nile River Cruise from here to Luxor, tour the Abu Simbel from Aswan. You can also visit monasteries, museums, and temples. There are so many ​​places to stay​ in Aswan like the Baba Dool Bed and Breakfast, or the Mövenpick Resort Aswan. There are incredible restaurants here like the Panorama Restaurant & Bar which is situated in a tower with a full view of Aswan. Another great one is the Nubian café-restaurant which lives in a garden on a bank of the Nile river. Can you imagine a more beautiful place to eat a simple meal?

Aswan is one of the must-see tourist places in Egypt.  It may be the smallest tourist city along the Nile, but it is still a marvel to take in and a fun place to take a family vacation. Some other great places are the Nubian Museum, the Ferial garden where you can relax and unwind. Saint Michael Cathedral which is a free and breathtaking attraction, and the Aswan Botanical Gardens, which has all the birds and plants you can ever dream of. On the West Bank, you can check out the Tombs of the Nobles and a large list of other tombs. Aswan is amazing for the history/adventure seekers and vacation lovers alike who travel to Egypt.

8. Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings, also known as Valley of the Tombs of the Kings, is a tale 4,000 years old. Many visitors would call this the best attraction in Luxor. You will find the tales laid out for you of the lives of those Egyptian pharaohs whose tombs are here through hieroglyphics. There are so many tombs that have been uncovered over time, but these are not your average tomb. There are so many things to see in each and every tomb. You will learn the history of mummification that keeps these ancient bodies preserved so well. You will learn all about the beliefs of the afterlife and the burial process as well.

The beauty and detail will stun you when it comes to the entire process after death. You will be able to take a tour to find out all about the iconic King Tutankhamen, The Boy King. There are more than 60 tombs you can explore, but there are only a few open at a time. If you are interested in history, ancient civilization, or the Egypt of old, this is a must see. It is truly a bucket list item. Pro tip: You will have to pay for a ticket in order to take your camera and take photos, but remember that the camera ticket policy is monitored and if you abuse it by not purchasing a ticket, they will confiscate your camera. If you are able, pay the extra fee, though. This is once in a lifetime experience to take when you travel to Egypt!

9. Karnak Temple, Egypt

In Luxo, the Karnak Temple is “the largest religious building ever constructed”. During the time period, it was built it (over about 1,000 years during the reign of many pharaohs), it was one of the wonders of the world. This was the center of Egypt in this day as far as faith as concerned, and their faith was central to their lives. Be sure to set aside a good amount of time to explore this huge area that has been preserved so well to this day.

You will not want to miss the Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show on your travel to Egypt. It gives a long background history of what was going on in this time period and how the Karnak Temple fit into it. Going to this show is good prep to take in all the temple has to offer, or a great clarifier to explain all you are taking in. You will not want to miss this attraction and we can guarantee you will not leave disappointed or expecting more!

Your Guide as You Travel to Egypt

We have walked through some of the most incredible historical attractions that you must visit as you travel to Egypt. We have covered the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Biblical location of Mount Sinai, the touristy Red Sea Riviera, The Valley of the Kings, and so much more.  How can you actually use this? As a guide while you travel to Egypt, of course! There are so many incredible ancient places to visit here that will blow you away. With architecture so amazing it has been credited to aliens, and seas so beautiful poetry has been written about them. Don’t pass up a trip to Egypt

How to plan a tour to Egypt from the USA?

Egypt is a dream destination for those who want to discover interesting places with their family members and others. This is because it covers archaeological sites, historical monuments, and other things. There are many people who want to plan their vacation in Egypt based on their choices. At the same time, it is necessary to focus more on certain important things before making a trip. Another thing is that it gives ways to schedule a trip with options to get complete satisfaction. There are different types of packages available for visitors enabling them to select the right one according to needs.

How to plan a tour to Egypt from the USA?

Anyone who wants to plan their tour to Egypt from the USA should plan everything properly for making the same a memorable one. The first thing to consider in Egypt tour is the visa requirements and tourists should know more about them in detail for making a journey with ease. One should fix an itinerary program in advance that can help to explore many things on a tour. It is necessary to know the local laws and the best time to visit Egypt for making the trip a memorable one.

Understanding more about the tour packages

There are several types of packages offered by a tour operator and visitors should know more about them with special attention to select the right one. They are an ideal one for those who want to plan their honeymoon, vacation, adventure, and other trips based on their choices to get complete entertainment. It is advisable to get complete details about Egypt tours from different sources before planning a journey. Another thing is that they provide ways to schedule a trip at estimated budgets.

Working with a reputed tour operator

Not all tour operators are the same and visitors should evaluate them properly to choose the best one. It is an important one to consider the reputation, reviews, the number of years in the business, and testimonials of customers. This, in turn, gives ways to plan a tour to Egypt with options for overcoming unwanted issues. Visitors should get more information about Egypt tour packages from USA with a reputed tour operator for meeting exact needs. Moreover, they provide ways to plan a trip with a loved one and others without any difficulties.

How to save more money on a tour package?

Tourists who want to save more money on tour packages should get quotes from multiple tour operators. A Nile cruise tour is an excellent choice for those who want to make a travel to Luxor, Aswan, Cairo, and other places at cheaper prices that can reduce expenses to a large extent. The Egypt tours from USA allow tourists to tour important places for a duration of 10 to 15 days. Furthermore, they give ways to plan an adventurous trip with groups and others to get complete entertainment. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions of a tour operator before making a trip to Egypt.

My Experience in Egypt

Globe trotting is no longer the reserve of younger generations. The recently retired are increasingly taking time out to explore the world and, if anything, discovering that travel only gets better with age. Jonathan Look, Jr. began travelling after his early retirement and this February we invited him to try out our Sunchaser group tour in Egypt as a ‘mature traveller’. Here’s what he had to say about his experience.

I am a retiree that loves to travel. From South America to Southeast Asia, I spend about half of my time on the road in pursuit of pleasure, education and adventure. My travel style varies from solo backpacking trips in Southeast Asia to ultra-luxury river cruises through Europe. I am as comfortable flagging down a tuk-tuk in Thailand as I am being chauffeured around Moscow in the back of a luxury SUV.

One of the joys of experiencing the full spectrum of travel is trying new things and doing them in different ways. Yes, I am fully capable of getting to places on my own, using public transport and waiting in line to buy tickets (and I still do that). But, by going with Luxor and Aswan Travel for my Egypt trip, I was able to sit back and let them take care of the logistics. On this trip, I also took advantage of their plan for ‘solo travellers’, where you book with no single-supplement and they arrange a same sex roommate for you. I was a bit apprehensive, but my roommate and I became good friends. And he is even planning to visit me in Portugal later this summer!

Authentic experience

Egypt was the second trip I have made with Luxor and Aswan Travel. I like traveling with them because we share the philosophy that when you travel, it’s important to experience a country the way it really is, with people who live there and know it inside out. All of their guides are locals who not only know the highlights – they know the details and secrets of a place that can make you feel like an insider. The variety their trips encompass – in Egypt, we stayed on everything from feluccas floating on the Nile to luxurious five-star hotels – allow you to experience the full spectrum and truly experience a place.

Range of travellers

I also like travelling with On the Go because of the diversity of their clientele. On our last trip to Egypt, we had people on board from places as far apart as Cape Town and Canada – and ranging in age from thirties to seventies. Although we were all of varied backgrounds, we all shared a love of travel and the excitement of being on a trip with new people, many of which also turned out to be new friends.

Benefits of group travel

Luxor and Aswan Travel take all of the worries out of planning a trip. Their itineraries are designed to efficiently make the most of your time, without the feeling of being herded from place to place in a giant group. Their groups are large enough to be friendly and sociable (there were 20 of us on the Egypt trip), but small enough that you can visit an attraction without ruining the atmosphere. Another advantage, especially if you’re a bit apprehensive about trying out a new place, is that their professional guides are available to assist you with any eventualities that may crop up.

Cruise the Nile in Egypt

Cruising along the Nile in Egypt with Luxor and Aswan Travel is the best way to view some of most iconic landmarks of ancient Egypt.

For many centuries travelers have sailed along the world’s longest river, past small fishing villages, towering monuments, ornate temples and fields of wheat and sugarcane.

You’ll see landscapes that have changed very little since the Pharaohs ruled. Those who live along the banks of the Nile tend their land and sleep in mud brick houses just as they have done for 5,000 years. It’s a journey back in time to the past of this complex and fascinating nation.

The Experience of Cruising the Nile

There are no modern yachts or large ocean liners on the wide and slow moving Nile – the boats here are sailing ships and traditional feluccas that elegantly glide through the waters. The journeys range from day trips to multi-day cruises and they can be anything from luxurious to basic and budget friendly.

Dining aboard is usually a buffet for breakfast and lunch, with a selection of entrées served at dinner. Some ships will have a lounge where lectures, port talks and crew shows are held and there also may be performances by Nubian dancers and other local talent.

The itinerary will vary depending on the tour, but there are certain must-see temples that nearly every trip will visit. Here are some of the best temples and sights you can see along the banks of the River Nile.

Karnak Temple

Most cruises and luxury Egypt tours will begin in Luxor and one of the first ports of call will be the Karnak Temple – a series of incredible carved pillars, walls and obelisks that feature highly detailed images of gods and creatures.

This ancient temple was thought to be the earthly home of the sun god Amun-Re and it is covered in symbols and imagery, such as the ceiling that shows the night skies of Egypt filled with stars.

Temple of Luxor

The other main temple in Luxor is dedicated to Amun-Re and the entrance is guarded by two enormous figures of Ramses II. The beautiful carvings depict people who are performing acrobatics, beating drums, dancing and clapping – you can almost feel the energy.

The Valley of the Kings

The bright and detailed paintings within the tombs of the ancient Pharaohs will take your breath away – they are much better preserved because they have been protected from the sun over the centuries. In this incredible valley you can visit all of the kings of Egypt’s past, including Ramses IX, Ramses II, Merenptah and of course – the famous boy king Tutankhamun.

The Great Pyramids

For the ultimate Egypt tours, stay in Cairo before you board your cruise and visit the Great Pyramids of Giza before you set sail. These are the most iconic of all the pyramids – the ones that set the standard for all that came after them. The largest of the three pyramids, Khufu, was built by one hundred thousand people for three months of every year and it took 20 years to complete!

Is a Nile cruise in Egypt on your bucket list?