The Christmas holidays are just over and we are already wondering where we are going for Easter. And what’s better, at the end of the winter to plan a trip under the sun of the Middle East?

Many will think that this can be dangerous given the more or less unstable political situation of the region and especially because of the continuous news channels that do not miss an opportunity to highlight the real or imaginary danger of these countries.

But if you want to be a little smarter, and avoid areas really at war, you can visit the Middle East safely and enjoy one of the richest regions in the world. terms of history and breathtaking scenery.


It is in the Middle East, cradle of Western civilization, where the three great monotheistic religions have emerged that we find the most monuments and historical remains.

The choice is huge, from the Valley of the Kings in Egypt that can be visited on a Nile Cruise for five to seven days, to the ruins of Persepolis in Iran passing the Masada fortress in Israel, the region abounds amazing sites.

And if Egypt, Israel or Iran can scare some, although these countries do everything to welcome tourists in the best conditions, we can opt for a trip to Petra in Jordan and admire the temples carved in the pink sandstone cliffs.


If you love the breathtaking landscapes in the true sense of the word, then the Middle East is the place to go if the views are grandiose and authentic. From the surrealist cities of the Emirates to the discreet charms of the Sultanate of Oman, there is something for everyone. Exploring the region allows you to go from futuristic places to lush gardens bordering the desert or ancient mountain landscapes. In short, if you like the change of scenery and adventure, the Middle East offers many routes that you can borrow safely for his greatest happiness.

The landscapes not to be missed: the Galilean Valleys, Jabal Darek, Masuleh in Iran, the Zagros Mountains between Iran and Iraq and the Jordanian desert of Wadi Rum where you can admire the seven pillars of wisdom.

Not only the landscapes are beautiful but the welcome is just as warm. Aboriginals, contrary to popular belief, are welcoming and smiling in most towns and villages.


All these countries, which are not far from France can be reached in a few hours by plane, just ask to be known. They are full of treasures and have the same ingredients as the usual tourist destinations. We must really disregard the images we use television, and discover and get closer to those people who have a lot to offer. So, for Easter or for the summer holidays we drop all prejudices and embark on holidays off the beaten track in the footsteps of our origins!

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