Nassau Bahamas Vacations: Top 10 Things To Do!

1. Enjoy The Beach – The beach is one of the top things to do during Nassau Bahamas vacations. Sand which is soft and varied in color from white to pink offer a unique sunbathing experience, and children will find plenty to do along the shoreline.

2. Visit The Straw Market – One of the top attractions during a Bahamas vacation is the Straw Market. This market involves local vendors who sell authentic and handmade goods and crafts to visitors, and when making a purchase you will be expected to try and negotiate the price downwards.

3. Shop On Bay Street – Shopping is a popular pastime during Nassau Bahamas vacations, and a trip to Bay Street can be an exciting experience for any shopping enthusiast. This area offers luxury goods and designer items at discounted prices.

4. Climb The Queen’s Staircase – Most Nassau Bahamas hotels are just a short distance from the Queen’s Staircase, which has an incredible view of the entire island from the top. This staircase has been carved out of the side of a limestone cliff, and tool marks can still be seen.

5. Take A Glass Bottom Boat Tour – Glass bottom boat tours are one of the top attractions during Nassau Bahamas vacations. These tours allow you to see the marine life without having to go under the water to do so, all you have to do is look at the glass bottom of the boat.

6. Enjoy Snorkeling and Scuba Diving – Snorkeling and Scuba diving are two of the most common reasons why visitors come to the Bahamas. The diversity of marine life in the area is astounding.

7. Take A Shipwreck Cruise – Nassau Bahamas vacations should include a cruise of the local shipwrecks, many of which may date back centuries and include tales of pirates. Some of these wrecks are still visible, and they have a fascinating history.

8. Visit Paradise Island – One of the top things to do while in the Bahamas is to visit the Paradise Island Harbour Resort or the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. There are casinos, museums, marine life exhibits, and much more to see and do in this area.

9. Explore The Pirates of Nassau Museum – Any Nassau Bahamas vacations that includes the family or any children should include a visit to the Pirates of Nassau Museum. This museum offers interactive activities while teaching about the history that Nassau shares with pirates.

10. Visit The Atlantis Waterpark – The waterpark is one reason why an Atlantis Bahamas vacation is popular, and this attraction is just a short distance from Nassau.

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