Things That Surprised Travelers About Egypt Travel


From the heights of the pyramids; 40 centuries look down to Egypt. Egypt is a remarkable country that is often considered as the jewel of North Africa’s crown and has the propensity that leaves the travelers speechless with its bewitching beauty.

Due to its unmatched combination of history buffs, natural wonders, and adventure spots the country attracts around 8.3 million tourists each year. Egypt Travel include some of the most iconic historical sites like Great Pyramid at Giza which is the sole surviving wonder that is still maintained its position in the 7 Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Acquiring a total landmass of 384,345 square miles, Egypt is a gem of North Africa where the traveler can meet friendliest hosts, tasty cuisines, and stories of ancient kings and tales of still mysteries in each step.

1. Explore Abu Simbel; The Safest Historical Spot

Abu Simbel; the complex of the temple that is dedicated to the Pharaoh Ramsis II “the Great” remains an evocative destination and the safest place to visit in Egypt. This corner of Egypt is marked tick by all the solo travelers and extremely hyped place between all the tourists despite age and gender. Abu Simbel lying 280 km south of Aswan and only 40 km north of the Sudanese border is a relatively small settlement but an insanely beautiful place to discover. The 2 massive rock temples are one of the iconic historical points of Egypt that deluge with stories of Pharaohs and their ruling period.

Attractions Of Abu Simbel:

  • Great Temple of Ramses II
  • Temples of Hathor

2. Meet The Most Amiable Egyptian Kids

Every time you get out for traveling a new spot in Egypt, you will mostly get approached by the young generation of Egypt as they are really friendly and very curious to know about other places of the world from the tourist’s mouth. It’s overwhelming to meet such friendly kids and interacting with them while sharing interesting facts about your own country and learning more about Egypt from them. You can easily capture some young smiling faces in your camera that can make your tour more memorable.

Best Part:

  • Taking some selfies
  • Exchanging views/travel tips

3. Traverse Through Cairo; The Most Delightful City Of Egypt

Cairo tops the list of many travelers who listed out the places to visit in Egypt. With a stunning world, famous Giza pyramids at the doorstep the city buzzes with many more pyramids, museums and art centers that display the authentic arts as well as the mosques and gigantic market places.

Attractions of Cairo:

  • Sakkara Step Pyramid
  • Memphis City
  • Giza pyramids
  • Egyptian Museum
  • Abu Serga Church

4. Food In Egypt Is Unique And Tasty:

Food is one of the most delectable essences for travelers no matter which corner of the world you are going to invent. Food doesn’t only represent the ingredients and test it also introduce the rich culture of any country. Egyptian food is not only something travelers would enjoy but also the recipes are very traditional and leave an essence in the tourist’s mind till a long time.

Few Egyptian Mouth-Watering Dishes To Test:

  • FulMedammes
  • Falafel
  • Koshari
  • Mahshi
  • Shawarma
  • Roz Bel Laban
  • Umm Ali

5. Amazingly A Very Less Tipping Amount Can Make Your Stay Enjoyable:

Tipping or “baksheesh” is something you will get to hear more often in Egypt however; amazingly the tipping amount is going to be very low. Tipping is not though clear-cut demanded but it’s expected, so it’s completely a tourist’s wish. But we recommend spending a small amount as the tip and witness the smile and warmth that will ultimately make you feel good.

Expected places where to tip:

  • Porters who carry your bag
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Tour Guides

6. Ancient Sites Are 10x Better In Real Life:

Egypt Tours is like a comic book- filled with amazing stories, fancy and colorful spots, as well as mysterious tales. But just imagine visiting the places in real that you have been reading in books or seeing just in the pictures. If you are making a bucket list for your 2020 travel plan, don’t forget to include Egypt. Trust us you will get amazed by witnessing the historical spots in real as it looks 10 times more enchanting than the pictures you have come across.

What To Expect:

  • Historical temples
  • The mummies of pharaohs
  • Oldest architectures

7. Egypt Is So Much Better With A Tour Guide:

Traveling Egypt without a guide will keep your trip incomplete. The country is the address of a few spectacular historical spots and monuments without a guide’s help it’s almost impossible to explore the true essence of the places. The guides of Egypt explain very interestingly the place’s history, stories, and myths/believe about the places.

Tip To Hire A Guide:

  • Hire a local guide or a knowledgeable guide who knows briefly about the places and history
  • Prefer guides who know fluent English or multilingual

8. Best Exchange Rates Ever In Egypt!!!

Egypt Travel lets you get the best value of your money; and get an amazing bang for your buck. Currently, it’s the best time to visit Egypt as far as the financial plan for your travel can be a little easy on you. Egypt’s Central Bank has divulged in the International currency market to market improve Egypt’s financial conditions.

9. Keeping Your Patience High At Pyramids Can Make You Wanderlust:

Visiting the world-famous pyramids is mostly a life-time experience for many travelers, so keeping a little patience will help you explore the dynamic pyramids. Most travelers visit Egypt to see the Pyramids.  Mostly pyramids lay a bit far across each other and from catching a glimpse to reach the real site may take some time and it’s recommended to keep your patience high. You will experience the best when you will reach the site.

10. New Discoveries At Egypt:

Egypt has hidden many historical gems in itself hence it’s an active archeological spot as the archeologist believes there are more Egypt kept inside. There are many new tombs, mummies; ancient pharaoh’s belongings are still getting invented.

Few New Inventions:

  • New tomb labeled KV63 near the Valley of the Kings in Luxor
  • Hidden chambers of tomb of King Tut
  • New room inside of the Great Pyramid

What Do You Think? Is Egypt Somewhere You’d Like To Travel?

We are sure the answer would be “yes” as the country is enchanting from the point of history, colorful heritage; natural sensations and undisturbed artifacts. Being one of the top-ranked Egypt tour providers, Plan Egypt Tours design the best of Egypt Travel Packages. Here are the two best of Egypt tours itineraries that we recommend which fits in all kinds of budget no matter it’s a pocket friendly one or the most luxurious one

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