Monthly Archives: June 2010

A new definition for boring

“Therefore, we’re going to dig conduit directly through the Earth’s Crust from the sub-basement of 60 Hudson in NYC all the way to 350 East Cermak in Chicago,” says “a purported representative of DeepBore Networks” to Rob Powell of Telecom Ramblings. A ruse, of course. But it suggests some fun thinking about infrastructure.

Digging Andrew Odlyzko

For anybody interested in the history of infrastructure, and lessons to be learned from many points in the history of the Industrial Age, Andrew Odlyzko, of the University of Minnesota, is required reading. Here is a reading list. Note the pieces on railway mania. Highly relevant stuff. I’m writing this right now while leveraging one […]

Our Infrastructure Flickr Stream

A few months back, partly in anticipation of this blog, I created a Flickr account for the Berkman Center‘s Infrastructure group. To my surprise, no account with the name “Infrastructure” was taken, so I grabbed it, and the site is now here:… All the photo sets so far are mine, but I trust many more will […]