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What forms of radio will keep floating as legacy terrestrial radio sinks

Originally posted at on 11/17/2019 In response to posted news (shared on Facebook’s I Love AM Radio group) that KIDD-AM 630 and KNRY-AM, both in Monterey, CA, were donated by radio legend Saul Levine to a religious broadcasting group, I said, When AM radio finally dies (not a knock: all things do), its last living cells will be religious broadcasters (also not a […]

Defining Infrastructure

Trunk Line is about studies in infrastructure.  So what is infrastructure? OED: [Fr. (1875 in Robert), f. INFRA- + STRUCTURE n.] A collective term for the subordinate parts of an undertaking; substructure, foundation. substructure: That part which supports something else. foundation: The solid ground upon which another structure is erected. (OED usage dates to 1927.) […]