INDICARE Releases Supplement to DRM Report


INDICARE has published an interesting supplement to its state-of-art report on digital rights management. Here’s the abstract:

The issue of DRMs and Consumer Concerns is beginning to draw attention. This is one conclusion of the first supplement of the INDICARE State-of-the-Art Report. After the INDICARE State-of-the-Art Report, published in December 2004, has provided a first overview of the social, technical, legal and economic discussion about Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions, the INDICARE-team continued to monitor the developments in this sector. The present supplement reports on new developments since December 2004. It also responds to a number of comments INDICARE received on the first report from experts and interested parties. Central in the present publication is a selection of issues that reflect new developments or that, in the view of the INDICARE team, deserve more attention in future discussions.

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