Technology Evangelism:

James Plamondon, a former employee at MSFT is writing a book on how MSFT won the platform wars it waged.
The mission of Technical Evangelism at Microsoft is:
To accelerate the creation of a critical mass of leveraged support for a platform until it gains unstoppable momentum.

“Evangelism is War” The web brought us into a common battle ground where everyone knows where the technology is moving to.
“No one likes being thought of as a pawn in someone else’s struggle ” “Sacrificing the allegiance of our pawns tomorrow for victory today, is an ultimately doomed strategy. Support of pawns is often an unconscious act. The only viable long-term strategy is to align our interests with those of our pawns, so that after every battle our cadre of loyal pawns grows larger.”
“Microsoft’s thorough understanding of the centrality of software developers in winning platform battles was, for many years, its greatest advantage.”

Technology Evangelism: …

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