What makes a Weblog?

A weblog is the voice of a person or a brand. There are three important qualities the voice of a person has. It strives to show others that we are consistent, capable and moral.
Consistency: When we go to a weblog, we predict the kind of content that will be presented and expect that it will follow a logical pattern. If a person is observed for quite sometime we will begin to predict his/her behavior, because the person is consistent. People who are not consistent are either considered “mad” or a “genius” because we do not understand them.
Capability: We like to show others that we are capable at what we like to do. The posts on a weblog show our insights into the problem and we try to be good at it. People who are not capable in the field they strive are “losers”.
Morality: We want to show others that we are good. The posts on a weblog try to correct others negative interpretation of our words and actions. People who are not act morally are branded “cheaters”.
News: A news site is an aggregation of facts and opinions. Accuracy comes foremost for a news site, not the above three qualities.
Group blog: A group weblog is a weblog if all the posts have these qualities; else it becomes an aggregation of posts, not a weblog.
Chicken or Egg: The features listed in the article help in the communication process, but do not define a weblog. RSS did not make Blogs happen, Blogs made RSS happen.

What makes a Weblog? …

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