Ken Perlin at NYU:

Lots of interesting stuff here. I came across this site long back, very little changed. Some of his stuff, I think it was a small game, was put on google too.

Ken Perlin at NYU: …

Robert Penner’s flash easing equations:

Click on an equation and click on the screen. The ball eases to the clicked area according to the equation. Nice effects.

Robert Penner’s flash easing equations: …

XML + Flash = Laszlo:

“They’re using XML to parameterize how a SWF looks and acts, also xml is used while exchanging XML-formatted data with the server” via JD. They have some neat demos on their site. You write your app in XML (Laszlo app language LZX), and the server does the flash for you. More info here.

XML + Flash = Laszlo: …

Macromedia Royale:

Macromedia is also releasing “flash for programmers”. Write XML and out put flash. It is nice to see flash components, (for UI designers), getting integrated with “XML + flash”, (for programmers). Laazlo lacks in this aspect and they are trying to design all the UI components. Does macromedia have anything that makes the work of system architects easier? May be an interface which helps using design patterns might come up at a later stage. 🙂 Sun is also trying to support scripting languages in Java. Robert comments on what he thinks royale is. It would be nice if Royale and Laszlo setup some standards for their XML scripting or use existing scripting languages.

Macromedia Royale: …

Voisen’s Dates:

Voisens’ blog uses an interesting format to show the time of a post. The permalink to a post lists the top headline on at the time of the post. He also points to Glish a good resource for CSS.

Voisen’s Dates: …

CMS authoring flash interface:

James Rowley created an interesting interface for a content management system with flash. I don’t like the flash interface for published text, but the editing interface is a nice prototype.

CMS authoring flash interface: …

The Foggy Mountain Report

An on-line journal on “Software for the next generation of the Internet”.

The Foggy Mountain Report …

Vote for Flash apps:

Flash forward has a voting for the best flash swf in apps, cartoon, and lots of other things. You can spend hours here.

Vote for Flash apps: …

Keanu Reeves gives

Guess who got the cash, the costume and special effects teams. Reeves made a good deal, 15 per cent profit-share of matrix sequels. Thats the way I like my matrix tix money being spent.

Keanu Reeves gives

Flash MX Component tutorial:

A nice tutorial at There is also one at Macromedia. Components are available for download at flash exchange and at Also, more here.

Flash MX Component tutorial: …

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