Posted by: wasim | 3rd Sep, 2007

Faure and Durufle’s legacies

Gabriel Faure and Maurice Durufle left behind two incredible masterpieces.  I don’t usually listen to choral music, but I wanted to share parts of both of their Requiems with anyone who will see this.  Not enough of us twenty-somethings know about these amazing classical pieces.

The first two parts of Durufle’s Requiem, sung by the VU Kamerkoor Choir: 



Two parts of Faure Requiem:

Libera Me.mp3

In Paradisum.mp3

You might remember “In Paradisum” from the movie 28 Days Later.   The song plays in the background when the weary protagonists finally reach Manchester UK, only to find it in flames.  (Yes, as I wrote that I lamented that such an amazing work with heavy spiritual meaning is now better known for its 30 seconds in a Hollywood zombie movie.)

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