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يا أيتها النفس المطمئنه ارجعي الى ربك راضيه مرضيه فادخلى في عبادي و ادخلى جنتي
Oh you who has attained inner peace!

Return unto your Sustainer well-pleased and pleasing Him:

so enter, among My true servants, and enter My Garden!

Qur`an: al-Fajr 27-30


Your views stirred my interest very well. I look forward to more postings.

I live in dc and i am new to isam and i need a beggining class for women. i searched and searched. masjid on 4th st nw does not have one. the muslim center has no adult women class for begginers . this is very frustrating . everyday i wake up crying cause i want to be a muslim and do the right thing i dont even know if i am saying my prayers correctly! crying….im sorry. can u please help me find a mosque for beginners like myself in dc .please! may allah guide you.!

Salam, I work in the Treasury Department next to the WH. Any place for Fri prayers at least? Text me on 850-748-6066 please…

My name is Kayla and as well I’m knew to everything I want to be a Muslima so bad. I don’t have anyone to teach me and show me the proper way to do things. PLEASE HELP ME

I am Impressed by your compilation of Jumua Friday prayers , the different sites where it is done.
May God bless you . Thank You.

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