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The Washington Post has a really fascinating (and entertaining, especially for people who are familiar with the DC area) article speculating what Washington might look like in 2025: “Washington’s Future, a History.” Technology, communication, and the Internet play a major role in influencing where and how Washingtonians live in the future, at least according to the author’s view. (And for everyone who is studying for final exams, this is a good study break!)

E-Mail Becomes Air Mail


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that passengers on European flights will be able to send text messages and e-mails from their cell phones while in the air. According to the Associated Press, the messages do not interfere with navigation because all mobile devices are forced to connect to the plane’s network and blocked from accessing other networks. Although the system is capable of handling voice transmissions as well, the airlines are reluctant to permit it. Air France is running a voice calling trial on some of its flights and Lufthansa decided not to permit voice calling after company surveys revealed that passengers did not want to be disturbed.

300 Comes to Harvard Law School


Ok, so I’m not sure if this qualifies as marketing for HLS or something else (my money is on the latter)… either way, I don’t know how I missed this five months ago when it first got posted but if anyone else hasn’t seen this you really need to check it out.

Knowing and the Web


xkcd lends some insight

Is posting on the Internet when you should be sleeping a Web norm? A comment on the talk page for the Shakespeare’s Sonnets Wikipedia entry (“I posted my comment when I should have been sleeping.”) reminded me of the banner on Rageboy’s EGR blog (“where we write at night when we should be sleeping. and it shows.”).

Teacher Caught Sending Sexually Explicit IMs to Students


Heard this story on O & A this morning (unfortunately there is nothing better to listen to in the morning nowadays). Did this teacher actually want to get caught, or are so many people still completely unaware that IM conversations can be recorded and traced back to the writer?…

Joho newsletter – Three relevant articles?


I’ve posted a new issue of my newsletter. The three articles in it seem to me to be related to the topic of this class, although they definitely are not part of the assigned readings.

 February 4, 2008

the Web different?
Is the
Web just the next medium in our history of media, or is it a spiritual
transformation, the great hope, blah-di-blah-di-blah?

and scarcity
In a world of
abundance, fairness is so 1990s. 

The next future of HTML:
 The draft of the next version of HTML manages a surprisingly
fine balance between the needs of humans and the needs of our computer

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