Final “Papers”

Students in the course were required to create what we used to call a final “paper.” That work could be anything from a standard law school paper to some form of online presentation. Posting on the Web site, however, was not a requirement. So, here are the works of those who gave permission:

Kevin Blum: Copyright Protection of Software and the Efficiences of an Opt-in system: paper

Richard Heppner: Is Fame Different on the Web? site/paper

Sean Kass: Open Access: Why now? video

Doug McMahon: Dealing with Online Death: paper, wiki

Megan Moore: Saving the Empire: Selling Music to Networked Youth: wiki

Kevin Parker: Four Options (Net neutrality): posting

Matt Sanchez: A Non-CDA-230 Rationale against Liability for Online Reproduction of Third-Party Defamatory Content: paper

Aaron Sokoloff: Anonymity: paper

Thomas Sullivan: No Need for Gatekeepers But a Need for Ethics: paper

Anonymous (at student’s request): Behavioral Targeting : paper