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Posted on February 23rd, 2008 at 9:18 pm by carina

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About Miley:

If you don’t know, Miley Cyrus is the star of the popular Disney show “Hannah Montana.” Miley is now a singer, songwriter and actress with her own CD and a new movie coming out later this year. Miley Cyrus is an amazing actress and a rising star of the next generation. Take time to look around the Miley Cyrus Zone and get to know Miley and her life and work better.




Current Projects and Life of Miley Cyrus

At the current moment, a majority of Cyrus’ work still revolves around the Hannah Montana concept. She went on a tour of North America starting in St. Louis on October 18 of last year and because of the extremely high demand that met the announcement of the tour it was extended to January 31, 2008. There were 69 dates in total, which represented an extension of 14 from what had originally been intended for the tour. That tour ended just last month and Cyrus has spent some time relaxing and unwinding from the tour before she is expected to get back to work.

In addition to her work with Hannah Montana and everything that is related to that, Cyrus has also been a guest star on The Emperor’s New School, a show that airs regularly on The Disney Channel as well as having done work for a number of other projects. In 2007, her income was $3.5 million in US funds, making her #17 out of the top 20 under 25 according to Forbes.

In terms of her personal life, many fans might be interested to know that her name Miley Ray Cyrus was only cemented into place recently. She actually officially changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus on January 29, 2008. Before that, her birth name of Destiny Hope Cyrus was her legal name and the Miley Cyrus that she went by was nothing more than a screen name. She clearly prefers Miley Cyrus however and the middle name of Ray is a tribute to her father, who has the same middle name.

Cyrus is also a fiercely religious person and has said that her faith is the main thing in her life as well as a big reason as to why she works in Hollywood. She attends church regularly with the rest of her family. Her fiercely religious nature is probably obtained from her family, who by all accounts are just as faith-based as she is. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, was quoted as commenting on the sacrifices that the family had to make to move to Hollywood, chief amongst them being giving up a comfortable rural life in Tennessee with a church that they all loved.

Another thing about Miley Cyrus’ current life that not many fans know is her love of animals. While she talks in general terms about her love for animals, few people actually realize the extent to which that love extends. She has many different pets and amongst their number is able to count horses, dogs, cats, fish and chickens.

While rumors have been circulating around the internet regarding Miley being pregnant, those rumors have been dispelled with a certain amount of absolute authority. The main reason for the rumors getting started in the first place was an alleged article by J-14 Magazine; an article that was later shown to be falsely doctored and completely different from the article that actually appeared in the magazine.

Cyrus is currently living the dream as a well-rounded individual both personally and professionally and it does not appear that either of those things are going to change anytime soon.


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