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One Million Copies of Three Principles of the People

徵印三民主義一百萬册運動報告書, 三民主義青年團中央幹事會文化建設運動委員會, 1946. 三民主義 經天緯地 家喻戶曉 振聾發聵 願書萬本頌萬遍 打破洛陽紙貴

Botanical and Cultural Images of Eastern Asia, 1907-1927

Botanical and Cultural Images of Eastern Asia, or, the Story of Plant Hunters in the Early 20th Century. More than 4,500 botanical and cultural images of Eastern Asia by John George Jack (1861–1949), Ernest Henry Wilson (1876–1930), Frank Nicholas Meyer (1875-1918), William Purdom (1880–1921), Joseph Hers (1884–1965) and Joseph Charles Francis Rock (1884–1962) from the […]

The Sustainable Life of Old Tong

“According to the Management Division, the use of matches was limited to one box every two months, but Old Tong used only three matches in the past six months. In the past three years, six towels have been distributed, but he used only one of them. This year, the government gave an extra one for […]

New Databases on trial

Two databases on trial until 1/31/2013 (Log in with Harvard ID and pin number.) 中国基本古籍库 Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books…) The database includes more than 10,000 titles (160,000 juans) across all dynasties to the Republican period, and 1.7 billion characters (12 million pages). Full-text searchable. 敦煌文獻庫 Database of Chinese Dunhuang Manuscripts…) The […]

Chinese Maritime Customs

Chinese Maritime Customs Digitization Project of Harvard Yenching Library is now online. The project covers a wide variety of documents from Chinese Maritime Customs in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including statistics, codes of regulations, reports on commodities and local societies, dictionaries, and handbooks for officials, etc. Explore this amazingly rich collection by […]

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

More than 125,000 high-resolution images of works from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, one of the leading museums in the world, have gone online, and free for all. Paintings and artifacts from East Asia can also be found in its collection. The museum invites the public to become the curator and use them creatively. We encourage […]

The Real China Model

To what extend was premodern Chinese political culture “meritocratic,” as some political commentators suggested? Read this incisive article appearing on today’s New York Times by Mark Elliott, Mark Schwartz Professor of Chinese and Inner Asian History at Harvard University, and find out the answer:… Photo: 新刊邵榜眼評選舉業捷學宇宙文芒 (Sinʾgan So pangan pʻyŏngsŏn kŏŏpchʻŏphak uju munmang), Korea, […]

Dr. Sun Yat-sen

    Today is the 146th anniversary of the birthday of Sun Yat-sen, the “Father of the Nation” in Republican China, and the “Great Forerunner of Democratic Revolution” in Communist China. Sun was one of major leaders in the protests against the Qing government, which eventually led to the Chinese revolution in 1911 and ended […]

Why the Confucian Analects Is Not as Old as We Might Think?

Why the Confucian Analects Is Not as Old as We Might Think? Professor Michael Hunter from Yale University will give a talk in Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard and tell you why. But no matter how old the Analects is, it is certainly old enough to be read by thousands of millions of […]

Professor Chi-ching Hsiao 蕭啟慶

It is with great sadness to know that Professor Hsiao Chi-ching (Xiao Qiqing 蕭啟慶), a pre-eminent historian of Mongol-Yuan China and a Harvard alumnus, passed away earlier today. He was 75. Professor Hsiao received his Ph.D. from Department of Far Eastern Languages and Civilizations (now EALC) in 1969, under the supervision of Yang Lien-sheng and […]