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The extravagant fantasies of sex in Edo Japan have long been known as one of the most surprising characteristics of the era and keep amazing modern readers. You can now browse these impressive pictures online in 近世艶本総合データベース by Ritsumeikan University: The database collects 2,995 titles of Enhon, or erotic texts, from Ritsumeikan University, Nichibunken […]

Early Photography of Japan

More than 2,000 images of Meiji Japan now available at Early Photography of Japan is a virtual collection of more than 40 souvenir photograph albums and illustrated publications with over 2,000 images from Widener Library, the Fine Arts Library, and Harvard-Yenching Library. These images primarily document the early history of commercial photography in Japan […]

Petzold Collection of Japanese scrolls

  In 1910, a German teacher named Bruno Petzold arrived in Japan where he spent the rest of his life until he passed away in 1949. During these days, Petzold became a minister of Tendai Shu 天台宗 and eagerly collected all kinds of books concerning Buddhism. More than 6,000 Japanese books from his collection have […]

The books of Tsurumi Shunsuke 鶴見俊輔

Do you know we have the collection of books once owned by Tsurumi Shunsuke 鶴見俊輔, a distinguished philosopher and former Harvard College student, in Harvard Yenching Library? Check out this video!       “Unpacking My Library”: Discovering Tsurumi Shunsuke’s Books from WCFIA on Vimeo.