Monthly Archives: October 2013

  Woodblack print from Wan shou sheng dian chu ji 萬壽盛典初集 (Birthday celebrations of the Qing Imperial Household), edited by Wang Yuanqi(1642-1715). Peking: Nei fu, 1716. 40 volumes.From Harvard-Yenching Library Rare Book Collection

  Dduper Kiut’kiu(The White Garuda)The White Garuda sitting atop the wish-giving-tree, from a funeral scroll of the Naxi, an ethnic minority in China. From Naxi Manuscript Collection, Harvard-Yenching Library

  A 1795 woodblock illustrating on of the dances during the celebration of Hyegyoonggung Hong Ssi’s 60th birthday, called “Ch’oyongmu.” This mask dance is based on the tale of Choyong in the Silla period. From Korean Rare Book Collection, Harvard Yenching Library.