1. Berkman Kleins Youth and Media Lab (since 2009)

Led by Principal Investigator Urs Gasser and Youth and Media (YaM) Director Sandra Cortesi, the Youth and Media Lab encompasses an array of research, advocacy, and development initiatives around youth (age 12-18) and digital technology. Interacting closely with other teams at the Berkman Klein Center, YaM draws on the knowledge and experiences of individuals with various backgrounds, including psychology, ethnography, sociology, education, media theory, and the law. Building upon this interdisciplinary approach, YaM invites and amplifies the voices of youth throughout the research process, aiming to develop contributions that reflect and address young people’s needs, perspectives, experiences, and interests. The team’s work builds upon an evidence-base that offers unique insights into the creative, educational, and revolutionary possibilities of youth activity in the digital space while addressing the genuine concerns that come with living life online. For additional information about Youth and Media, please visit www.youthandmedia.org. See also, www.digitallyconnected.org and www.conectadosalsur.org.

2. Digital Problem-Solving Initiative

The Digital Problem-Solving Initiative (DPSI) at Harvard University is an innovative and collaborative project that brings together interested students, faculty, fellows, and staff and enables participants to work in teams on practicable and concrete digital use cases – problems and opportunities – across the university. DPSI offers students and other participants a novel opportunity to enhance and cultivate competency with digital tools and online activity as teams engage with research, creative production, and policies governing the digital world.

3. 20 Minuten Youth Lab by 20 Minuten / Tamedia (September – December 2018)

This project addresses the question of what a company (20 Minutes) can learn from adolescents and their digital behaviors, attitudes and preferences. Conversely, the company serves as 20 a reliable partner in the digital information environment.