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May 25, 2003 at 9:51 am | In yulelogStories | Comments Off on Collect them all

Probably hundreds of people are out and about this weekend taking pictures of a certain coffee shop franchise. My awareness of it started because I found the reference on Dave Gillmor’s blog. Checked out Larry Lessig’s suggestion, saw the pictures on Dave Winer’s blog. Since I’ve blogged about this particular corporation before, I thought at first that since we have a score of these shops in Victoria, I would take pictures in Cook Street Village and Oak Bay Village. Then I saw the criticisms that this was just advertising for the corporation, and I had the idea to have the Card starring in a series of redeployments. (You might know that there is a movement afoot to get people to stop using that card because first, it’s effectively an interest-free loan to the corporation: to whit, you stock up your card for $50 and use it up over the course of time, but the corporation has your $50 from Day One, times a couple of million, interest-free; and second, it doesn’t allow adding on a tip, and the barista-workers are effectively losing money even as the corporation gets an interest-free loan, from you.) Several themes suggested themselves: 1. The I am not a crook card 2. “The Kewpie Doll card” 3. “the Banana Republic card” Any other suggestions?

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