Ceci n’est pas une affiche des pare-chocs

July 28, 2003 at 9:16 pm | In yulelogStories | 4 Comments

You’ve seen the bumper stickers, I’m sure: “I only listen to what the voices in my head tell me to do”? The bloggy e-version is “I only listen to what the emails tell me to do”: It’s a weird world. Best not ask. B- happy! day


  1. So I just edited (8-something a.m., PST, way too early in the morning) the above entry to include a link to Doc Searle’s blog. It’s his birthday. First I felt like an idiot, putting that cake on my blog in the first place, since I don’t know Doc Searle at all, and now I feel like a churl for not writing a friendlier, less ironic caption, since D.S. mentions my der Raser suggestion as an alternative to Wutjunge on his blog. It is a strange world in blogland, and I think Plato Shrimp is really on to something with that name. Just what the hell is in the trunk of the car remains, of course, a mystery. Happy birthday Doc Searle.

    Comment by Yule Heibel — July 29, 2003 #

  2. Yes, we can get carried away in the lives of strangers. For better or for worse. Are these our intelligensia soap operas?

    Comment by Joel — July 29, 2003 #

  3. Well, I don’t know about intelligentsia as such. But it’s something having to do with a peculiar merging of “culture” and “market.” And if you know where the bridal registry to that particular little shindig is, you know something I don’t.

    Comment by Yule Heibel — July 29, 2003 #

  4. Thank you for the info. http://www.bignews.com

    Comment by Anonymous — August 24, 2005 #

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