Auto de Feo: the Beat goes on

December 10, 2007 at 10:16 pm | In arts | Comments Off on Auto de Feo: the Beat goes on

I would be very interested in seeing this exhibition, if I were in Brooklyn or nearby enough: Michael de Feo curating a group of street artists in Behind the Seen (starting on Dec.13, through January 15/08). Admittedly, change in age and circumstance has led me to lose my natural taste for much beyond-the-pale kind of boundary-pushing-into-what,-exactly cultural production. But you have to keep in mind that (unless my memory fails utterly) Michael de Feo is Jay de Feo‘s son. And that imparts quite a pedigree — he came by his vocation through immersion. Pointer to this exhibition via Cool Hunting: Behind the Seen.

More on Jay de Feo here, here, and here. And the wikipedia article on The Rat Bastard Protective Association

Varieties of density

December 7, 2007 at 11:56 pm | In cities, green, sprawl | Comments Off on Varieties of density

It’s great to read that places like San Jose are densifying — see Real Transit-Oriented Development by CEOs for Cities for more on how they’re doing it (hint: the office park is a-changing):

…radical transformation taking place in that city at the insistence of San Jose’s innovative economy CEOs. The city’s suburban-style single-use office parks are being replaced with much more dense mixed-used development.

Office buildings will go higher, and schools, residential construction, and shopping get mixed in, which means the land isn’t used up by low density sprawl. Transit is also part of the deal.

But for fun, CEOs for Cities added a YouTube clip of a train passing through the open air market in Bangkok (click here). Now that’s density …and mixed-use …and transit.

“Victoria’s choice”: my foray into critiquing municipal infrastructure funding

December 3, 2007 at 9:10 am | In canada, cities, leadership, taxes, urbanism, victoria | Comments Off on “Victoria’s choice”: my foray into critiquing municipal infrastructure funding

It’s up — my second article is up on the Vibrant Victoria website.

It’s called Victoria’s Choice: to be or not to be …is not the question. While it’s about the problem of municipal infrastructure funding in Canada generally, I try to address specifically the situation in Victoria. That is, Victoria’s choice not “to be or not to be” a city, because we obviously are a city, irrespective of those who’d prefer a Potemkin Village of tourist or retirement fantasy. Our choice is more serious: whether to be a failing or a successful city.

Read the article here; feedback (if any) could appear on Vibrant Victoria’s forum page, on this thread.

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